Monday, December 15, 2008

Keep on Shopping: Hong Kong Edition-Day 3

I must say, there is probably no where better to shop than HK!!! I'm at day 3 right now, and will be here for many more days to come. The best of both the East and West meet here, there are no taxes, and you can get dirt cheap market scores to the most luxurious designer brands, all in once city!

After shopping for 3 days straight and hitting up 4 huge malls, and 2-3 smaller shopping centers, I've already scored several items, from clothing, to jewellery, to shoes, from affordable chain stores, local brands, and designer duds. Arggh...must pace myself before I spend all my money! Will need to take pics of my items and post them here :D I only got my adapter today at Apliu street, so I hven't bheen able to use my computer for 2 days already. I'm so gung ho about shopping that I don't even think I feel my jetlag!

Any tips for shopping and eating from local HK-ers highly appreciated!

Please check back for updates! :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: CARE by Stella McCartney Calming & Soothing Elixir

"Infused with chamomile, arnica, and licorice, this elixir gently soothes stressed-out skin. Use daily before your 5 Benefits moisturizer—or anytime your skin cries out for calm." is the description on the back of the package.

After testing out the Stella McCartney line for awhile now ( a little over a month), I've found a new favourite. Sure, the packaging is pretty, it comes in a hygienic pump tube, it's certified organic, with 100% organic active ingredients and no petrochemicals or silicones, and not tested on animals-being true to Stella's values...but does the stuff inside work?

The Calming and Soothing Elixir certainly works for me! I've used this alone, with the CARE 5 benefits moisturizing fluid (as suggested in the instructions), and with moisturizers from other brands (which happened to be the very economical Avon Botanisource-LOVE!) and my skin has definitely improved which I attribute to this elixir. I have mild rosacea, redness on my cheeks usually, and even though it's not completely gone, it is certainly fading. Another confound or reason for the improvement in my skin may be due to the Vitamin B I've been taking...but that should only control for the stress bumps I get on my forehead.

Of course, to be critical there are two things I wish I could change about this product.
1) Change the container to be clear so that I can see how much product is left
2) Price! Unfortunately, this costs $64 USD (with the whole line's range being from $35-80)

All in all, I would probably repurchase this...just not so often.

Source: Sephora

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Thursday, Nov.6 receive 25% off any H20 Purchase

Got this in the mail since I'm an H20 plus you're supposed to bring i the card to get the discount....however, you can also redeem this offer online by entering the promo code 080367.

My pick (what I want to try out) would be the new Sugar Plum purifying shower cream...cos I definitely need the moisturizing benefits for the dry skin in the winter. Heck, it's even snowing already here in Toronto....It's October, for goodness sakes!


source: H2o+

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Got 'em Boots

So I ended up choosing fashion>function.

I swear I'm usually a comfort>fashion gal (except for Uggs, Crocs, and grey sweatpants for going out). I wore these out once...and goodness gracious, my left foot was scraped beyond relief! It was embarrasing how I tried to not limp (which probably made me look more ridiculous). I dind't know you had to break boots in! The right shoe was a my right foot was fine. I was in pain all day and it took me twice as long to get from one destination to another. Someone tell me how these can retail for $495 CAD (found out online that they go for $395 in the U.S. Sc
am!) cos they're the most painful flat boots I own to date. I'm still cursing the leather sole too...I'm not a believer in them.

However, at the end of the treacherous day, the S.A. at Lululemon complimented my boots :D:D:D I guess "No Pain, No Gain" really worked in this case. So, I love these boots again and decided to stop cursing them. Yup, all it took was one comment to take the pain away...I still have a bandaid stuck on my foot as I'm writing this :(

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Summer clearance buys that also work for fall

Over the knee stockings in deep violet by Miss Sixty. Not really my style, but I like it on other people so I'm giving it a try. They're actually not sheer when put on, but sheer enough to wear during S/S yet like tights, you can wear 'em under dresses or with shorts as shown above. It actually has the Miss Sixty studded on the leg of one sock (like the pic) which I don't prefer.... However, I haven't had much luck finding a pair that's not sheer. That, or it's more expensive (American Apparel). Now why would I pay more for socks made in L.A. when I can get cheaper ones made in Italy? The cheapo in me will stick to logowhoring for the sake of saving a few bucks thank you very much.

Burgundy embellished tank with ruching and silk empire waist by Development. I love this brand, especially when it was designed by Philip Lim early on... This is one of my favourite colours to wear and looked so flattering! Though sleeveless, the rich berry colour is perfect for autumn! The straps are embellished with tiny pieces of metallic red foil which looks really cool but is quite annoying because they fall off or hook onto other things.

Bright pink knit tank w/ circle pattern by Milly. I love the colour and the subtle circle print knit! I can try to winter-ize it by layering it over thin black turtlenecks and tees (I creative! lol) Unfortunately, knit stretches out so the straps are getting looser with each wear :S

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lady in Red

"Rida"-Red patent leather pumps with 3.25 inch heel by Donald J. Pliner

Why is it that I can never stick to my wishlist?

I try to...I really do. I was on the lookout for basic BLACK heels for work and play, and I come across these. The patent isn't too shiny, and the red isn't too bright which may tend to look a bit hookerish. Still, I call these my hooker shoes :P. DJP is known for his comfortable shoes so I'm excited to finally be able to own a pair. The soles are both leather and rubber which means no slipping and sliding! These will look great w/ LBDs and LWDs for weekends. These will make my somber/neutral work attire more interesting. Even though they came without a box or dustbag, I got them for 70% off at Winners (which are getting some pretty good shoes in by the way). HA, take that!


I think I just answered my own question.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kors vs. Palmroth = Fashion vs. Function

Kors Michael Kors boots....they look better irl.
The pointed toe and leather sole means fashion>function since I won't be able to tread through the snow with these. I'd wear these during fall and early work or out for dinner on the weekends. I'd tuck jeans into them or wear them with skirts and dresses.


Pertti Palmroth boots with rubber soles and lined with fleece on the inside and without the chain detail on back ( I couldn't find the exact pic..but these are similar). Learn about this Finnish brand here.
Same uses as the Kors pair. I'd wear these out on a weekend...and maybe to school too since the rubber sole can handle that.

Would it be really redundant to get both pairs...since they're both black and flat?

I have boots that look similar to the second pair already....but the fleece lining and sole is amazing! The construction of the Palmroth boots is wonderful and fit for a Canadian winter since they're made in Finland...but it's not like I'm planning to wear these to shovel snow or walk for miles over slush.

However, I like the looks of the KORS boots more. They're not as warm or comfy but the zipper detail and belt loops at the top make it look visually more interesting. Damn you leather sole!

OMG...I actually considered another pair of Kors boots w/ 3.5 inch heels...but I'm too practical so I'm not even gonna post those.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Biotherm Flash Recharge Concentrate

A few months ago, I was invited to a Biotherm event where were were introduced to new products and got to try some samples!

I waited out a few months before writing this because of the obvious reason/excuse of being busy...(hence the MIA) and because it's hard to determine if you really like something right away.

I will be honest...I haven't been using this I don't know if it improved my skin or not. It certainly did not worsen it because the consistency is super light and oil free. It claims to give your skin an energetic glow. I don't know if my skin looked it, but it CERTAINLY felt recharged! I love the way it feels!

$49 CAD may seem a bit pricy as the bottle is small (30ml)...but if you get it during a GWP (which is usually $30) then I think this is worth it. It makes me feel really good...just use some luminzing powder on top to get that extra glow :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Eye Enhancers

Nope, I'm not going to be talking about make up this time. Not mascara, eyeshadow, nor eyeliner.

I'm considering getting coloured contacts! I love how they are a subtle way to change your looks. Having dark hair myself, I find that blue or purple eyes looks striking! Often, those with Asian eyes tend to choose colours like hazel or grey because they look better...but having tried trial pairs in the past, I found out I look best in blue and purple....though I really hoped that I would look good in green. So, if you are planning to buy coloured contacts, I highly suggest that you go to your optical shop and ask for trial pairs before you decide on which colour(s) to get!

There are many options in terms of colours and brands to choose from nowadays. I started off with Freshlook Colors (opaques) which gave me more of that 'striking' look I was trying to achieve. The next time, I tried Freshlook Colorblends which are a little more natural.

I found an old pic of me wearing blue lenses. I don't think I was wearing makeup in this it'll probably look better if you piled on the mascara or falsies!

I've recently started wearing Acuvue Oasys...and boy, they are comfy! I previously wore hard RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses for the past 7 I suppose anything would seem comfy. Regardless, I'm interested in trying the Acuvue 2 Color Enhancers in Aquamarine...anyone tried them before?

To look at more contact lenses, coloured or not, you can visit It's a site specified for contacts only, and I found it pretty easy to navigate through all the brands and prices.

There's also the new 'black' coloured contacts that are supposed to give you 'anime sized eyes'....but I'll leave that for another post ;)

Listerine Whitening Strips

The people at were kind enough to let me try out the new Listerine Whitening strips. They are basically the same concept as the Crest place them on your teeth in the morning and night for two weeks and end up with visibly whiter teeth!

I've used the Crest whitening paste and the whitestrips in the past prior to the Listerine so it was easier to compare which is better and worse. I found the Crest whitening paste hard to spread evenly on my teeth and it felt I never finished using the entire thing.

The Crest whitestrips showed a significant difference and I loved how you could tell my teeth were whiter in a few days! However, I felt that having them on for 1/2 an hour was too uncomfortable. The package says you can talk on the phone with them...but I could barely speak. All the saliva sticks to the strips and when you pull them out of your get a mouthful of drool *ick*

Now, the Listerine whitening strips are the newest ones out in the it's obvious they would take the best elements available and make it even better. These strips dissolve in 5-10 minutes, so gotta love that! Also, with the strips dissolving, there's no messiness involving drooling mouths nor product removal. You can literally sleep in them!
The gripes I have about them is that the mint flavour could be too strong for some. I gave some to a friend and she said it burned her tongue. I'm also iffy about swallowing chemicals that can whiten your teeth....

I recommend this product if you're looking for a rather affordable teeth whitening system that's convenient. However, if you have really yellow teeth and want to whiten them FAST, then Crest seems to whiten better. I am tempted to try GoSmile though....

To try a free sample of the Listerine whitening dissolving strips for yourself, click here

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lancome GWP @ Holt Renfrew

Spend $50 before taxes and receive the above set valued at $178.

Free 10 day supply of Bare Essentuals at Sephora

I got mine at Yorkdale yesterday. I heard Eaton Centre was running low. While supplies last.

Click here for more details!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

H2O+ Free Gift with Purchase

If you shop at H20+ now, you can get a free gift with any $34.50 CAD purchase!
Set includes: a cosmetic bag, 30ml dual action eye makeup remover, 30ml marine cleansing gel, 50ml Ice Water cooling mint body wash, lip oasis 48 hr plumping gloss, and Face Oasis hydrating treatment 8ml.

One per customer, while supplies last.

Online shoppers, enter code 080336 at checkout to receive your gift!

There's also the beauty sale online where items are up to 60% off! Check it out now!

I recommend the Mint Ice line, especially the body wash (shown above), and shampoo. It's perfect for the hot, sticky, summer and is sure to refresh you 100% during your morning shower. Plus, it's only $6.99 USD online!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Godiva Chocolates Deals (International) and GWP (U.S. only)


Receive a free* Signature Biscuit Petite Pack with any purchase of $20 or more (excluding tax and shipping). Valid in U.S. at Godiva Boutiques only, through 7/31/08. Not valid at department/specialty store,, or 1-800-9GODIVA.

Boo, why doesn't Canada ever get the good deals :(

However....Canadians can still enjoy the promotion below and enjoy sampling events in-store:

7/1 - 7/7:
Raspberry Star

Purchase any 3 individual pieces (from our chocolate case) & receive 1 free* piece. Only this piece is offered as the free piece. No substitutions allowed.

*Available at Godiva Boutiques only, through 7/7/08.


6/27 - 6/29:

7/11 - 7/13:



6/19 - 6/24:

6/26 - 7/1:
Berry Boat Cups

7/3 - 7/8:
Berry Boat Cups

Visit for more details and treats!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cheap and Chic Fashion: Joe Fresh

I can't believe I haven't raved about Joe Fresh yet.

Joseph Mimran is the designer behind this label found in Loblaws
and the Real Canadian Superstore supermarkets. Yup, grocery stores is where you'll find the treasures. Before you freak out, understand that this is also the man who brought to us Club Monaco (fan right here) and Caban. Those who don't want to be seen looking for clothes in a grocery store can also visit the individual Joe Fresh Style Studio boutiques.

Although the clothing is sold in chain supermarkets, I've found that the s
tock is changed fairly often...perhaps that is why it is Joe "Fresh". And unlike Forever 21 or H&M, you can go cheap and chic without bumping into someone else wearing the same items as easily. Of course, being a Canadian makes me want to support our own labels.

Here are some looks:

Cute flats and white pants are great staples for summer.
Love the blue shift dress! If it's longer on you, then it can double for work and play.
Neon pink heels are not for the shy! $24

Check out for more looks and products or in-store the next time you shop for groceries. I especially like the accessories (straw tote, shoes) and swimwear (which the website doesn't do justice).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Preview of New Cartier LOVE Worldwide Campaign

"12 music artists created an exclusive track for Cartier LOVE - featuring Lou Reed, Marion Cotillard, Thomas Dybdahl, Dan Black, Grand National, feneesz+sakamoto, Pauline Croze, Little Dragon, Sol Seppy, Khalil Fong, Hawksley Workman, and Phoenix. " -lovebycartier on youtube

I love Cartier and Khalil Fong :D I don't own anything by Cartier...but being able to own Cartier 'music' will do for now.

*update*: go to now to download the music, watch interviews with the artists, view art, and watch short movie clips all inspired by love.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emergency Relief Needed

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the Sichuan province of China has been one of the deadliest natural disasters in years. The tremor was so huge that surrounding countries such as Japan and Pakistan could feel the quake. You have all probably seen or heard the news already and are aware of the continually rising numbers of dead and missing. Watching the clips of the devastated family members, anxiously searching for their friends and family and seeing their loved ones passed away is nothing but heartbreaking. The tears of those in pain emotionally, and physically reminds us how blessed we are. Don't forget the situation in Myanmar.

There I was, worrying about whether I'll get that job in an upcoming interview. Thinking if I should spend my birthday money on shoes or a bag? I totally need to try that posh new restaurant recommended by TorontoLife. I'm totally bummed out because I got a B instead of an A. These are some of my(or maybe your's?) day to day thoughts or worries. Let's pause for a moment, and think about all of life's blessings. How we are able to stuff ourselves during dinner, and how we have the ability to be laughing and smiling each waking moment.

Let's stop shopping for a moment. Instead of contributing to that new pair of Choos, maybe we can give what we can give to those less fortunate than us. Give up our little luxuries, and perhaps help save a life (or lives), especially at a crucial moment like this. Sure, there is famine and war everyday...but sometimes (unfortunately), it takes a large cry for help to get our attention to give.

Here are some links if you want to contribute to the earthquake or cyclone relief:
World Vision Canada
Canadian Red Cross

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tips to packing lightly for your next vacation

I just came back from my week long West Caribbean cruise...and it was awesome! Although I'm no jet set darling ( I wish I were), I'm fond of travelling and try to make an international trip once a year. I've been travelling since 2 years old and one of my goals is to travel around the world.

One thing I've noticed that distinguishes me from many of my friends/family and fellow tourists when travelling is how lightly I pack. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm a light packer. I don't cheat either, by buying new luggage and bringing it back filled with stuff. I went on a 5 day trip to the U.S. last year to attend a conference with a group of college students, guys and girls. I had the smallest luggage, and I'm a GIRL! For the recent 9 day Caribbean cruise, I went to and came back with a small rolling carry-on suitcase along with my Tokidoki tote with everything that I needed for the trip and souvenirs during my return.

I've mentioned in other posts that I'm low maintenance and would not sacrifice comfort for fashion...but that doesn't mean I travel looking like a slob! The key is organization. I always print out a checklist when packing for a vacation. You can list items by categories or you can plan outfits by day.
Here's what I packed for my 9 day Western Caribbean Cruise:
-3 cotton printed dresses ( 2 strapless, 1 sleeveless) for day-to-night
-2 formal dresses (for captain's night and formal dinner)
-1 tunic that could be used as both a beach cover-up or minidress for clubbing
-1 graphic tee
-1 v-neck solid coloured tee
-1 dressy halter (for night)
-1 white camisole (for layering)
-1 black tube top (for layering)
-1 denim miniskirt
-1 trouser shorts
-1 pair of jeans (flight)
-1 pair of leggings (for flight)
-1 pair of casual shorts
Outerwear (for chilly temperatures at night and air conditioned indoors):
-1 cardigan (to go w/ the day-to-night dresses)
-1 fleece hoodie
-1 sheer blouse (fashionable, yet doesn't leave you as cold as wearing a tank alone)
-1 casual button down shirt with collar
-1 windbreaker (in case it rains)
-1 jacket ( Toronto's weather was 10-16 degrees celsius, Caribbean was high 20's low 30 degrees)
-1 pashmina scarf/wrap (w/ formal wear, and on flight)
-1 wooden bangle (for day)
-1 cocktail ring
-1 pair of hoop earrings
-1 large tote bag (to carry to beach and on flight)
-1 small purse (for evening and running around the ship in general)
-1 hat
-1 headband (for fuss free hair w/ style)
-1 pair of sunglasses
-1 pair of flip flops (for beach, in room, on the ship)
-1 pair of ballet flats (looks good with dresses, comfort of a slipper)
-1 pair of flat sandals
-1 pair of sneakers
-1 pair of heels (for evening and formal)
-1 set of exercise gear (yoga pants, sport tank)-->to burn those calories from all those buffets!
-2 swimsuits ( 1 tankini top + black boyshort bottoms (that go with everything), 1 reversible bikini set)
-underwear and socks (remember to pack extras!)
-Nintendo DS
-1 towel, if you're uncomfortable w/ using 'public' items
-****Extra flat, foldable, carry on bag in case you buy more than you can fit into one bag alone****
bring everything in travel size(except for sunscreen),
and under 100 ml if you don't check in your luggage like me. That's when those samples/GWP sets come in handy.
-if you're not too finicky about your makeup like me, a good makeup palette (w/ blush, eyeshadow, lipcolour), eyelash curler, mascara, face brush, and concealer is all you need. You don't really need (much) makeup for the beach anyways!
-a small wireless hair straightener/curling iron if you insist (I recently chopped my hair off to a shoulder length I left these at home)

Yup, all of the above went into my little carry on suitcase and I never repeated an outfit twice. You'll get an extra boost of confidence too when you're just as comfy in your light cotton sundress as the other people onboard are in their t shirt +shorts+velcro sandals combo. Of course, the way you pack is important too. Always roll hard plastic, fragile items (wooden bangle, chargers) up inside clothing for extra cushioning to prevent breaking anything. Fold your clothes properly and lay them flat, but wrinkle free items (like sheer blouse) can be rolled and stuffed in the extra holes. Wrinkle free items are the best for travel to avoid the extra costs of ironing. Toiletries should also be cushioned by clothing so they won't break and spill all over your stuff.
Pack only a little bit more than what you need but don't go overboard. Always pack extra socks/underwear and no matter how high the temperature of your destination is, a jacket and scarf is a MUST.

I hope this extra long entry will be beneficial to all those preparing to travel this summer! Leave me a comment if you have any other good advice for packing :D

Friday, April 18, 2008


A bit of logo overkill...but it would match my plain YSL bag perfectly! The price is right at $56USD since I never got around to getting either charms last year from this post.
I can now touch up my lipgloss AND dab on perfume on the go without carrying those perfume samples that always leak. I haven't smelled 'Elle' yet...but the ad w/ Coco Rochas sure is enticing. I also prefer this purse charm over the Dior heart locket w/ those tacky beads that dangled.

I found this on Sephora's website, but I'm gonna hunt this down at Holt Renfrew since it's the only place that carries YSL cosmetics.

Monday, April 14, 2008

For those darn heels...

I finally got a chance to use these since I lived in flat boots the whole winter. Those darn Aldo stilettos I had on were killing my feet the last time I wore them...but thanks to these Airplus gel steppies...I finally didn't have to limp or take off my shoes.

I actually don't take off the sticker on the backing though...I just stick 'em into the whatever closed-toe shoes I find uncomfortable so that I can reuse them.

If you're a beginner or intermediate heels wearer like might want to check these out here.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have a good excuse--err...I mean reason for this...

I had to attend a formal. I wore a red dress...but realized I had no shoes to go with it. I don't even own a basic pair of black pumps!

These glittery gold Repetto T-Strap sandals appeared at just the right time (which was a few days before the event). I know they're not too versatile due to the amount of glitter...but I was DESPERATE! The heel isn't that sexy...but they're still 3 inches. Have I mentioned the comfort factor yet? OMG...the padding provided is amazing! My friends' feet all hurt in the middle of the night, especially after dancing, but I didn't feel any discomfort until the very end....and it was only slight discomfort. I suppose that's a given, since Repetto does specialize in creating dancing shoes.

I'm sorry that my feet have to be in that picture...I know toes aint the most pleasant thing to look at...but I'm lazy..and that pic was conveniently snapped without me knowing.

You can also get these shoes online here at They only have the purple version though (shown below).
I'm hoping I can add some non-shoe related entries soon...must stop this addiction!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Petite Feet Sample Sale: April 11-April 13, 2008


International Centre-Hall 4
6900 Airport Road

Friday 10am-9pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Brands include Franco Sarto, Via Spiaga, BCBGirls, Jessica Simpson and more!

for more details...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes... : Part 3

To complete the final segment of the 'shoes' series...we have these adorable Burberry pink 'candy novacheck' mules with kitten heels. I actually thought they were ballet flats when I saw them in store cos I'm not a 'mules' kinda girl....oh well!

My style is never 'cute and girly', but having just a bit of pink and small bows peek out from under my jeans or trousers add a little sweetness to my outfits. The low heel and ease of having to just slide my feet in make these shoes perfect for for my 'no fuss' approach to fashion.

So what if they're chav-tastic? XD

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes... : Part 2

Please meet my first pair of Miu Miu's: Dark silver flats with gold capped toes and ankle strap.

I haven't worn these out yet but I have a feeling they're going to be my favourite flats because they are sooooooo comfy! No scraping like my other elasticized flats and they actually feel like a shoe instead of a ballet slipper because of the padding and thicker sole. There's also very subtle toe cleavage.

Remember when Kate Bosworth wore this Prada dress and Miu Miu heels to the Costume Institute Gala last May? I saw this pic in a copy of Vogue last year and the shoes must have unconsciously attracted me to them when I saw them on the rack. I guess the 'mere exposure' effect I learned in Psych class really does work!

Although my shoes are from S/S 07, it's a good thing that mary-jane flats are still going strong this spring as shown above from the Chanel Spring 2008 Couture runway. Can't wait to wear mine!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Biotherm Gift Sets and GWP

If you're a fan of Biotherm's Aquasource moisturizer, you might be interested in purchasing it now because it comes with a Swarovski keychain. Personally, I don't see what's so special about it...but just a heads up to those who would like a cute bonus. $44 CAD
Personally, I would rather pick up the Unicef Set, also for $44 CAD. Along with the full size Aquasource moisturizer, you also receive the Aquasource SOS mask 20ml and Aquasource Superserum 5ml.

The best part? Biotherm will donate $1.60 from every set sold to Unicef's 'Nature's Gift of Water' program.

Check it out online at

Don't forget to get free shipping and your 2 free samples if you spend $55 or more!

I don't know if you can purchase the above sets in store, but Shoppers Drug Mart is doing the Biotherm GWP with $30 or more spent from now until March 28, 2008. I did notice a Biotherm eyemakeup set with eye makeup remover, mascara and Forget It concealer (my fave) for $44 or so.

more details on the GWP here.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shiseido 1-2-3 Skincare Samples at SDM

Phew...I'm on a roll with blogging today!

Saw a Shiseido Ad in Glow magazine for this month. Stop by any Shoppers Drug Mart that sells Shiseido and complete the skincare challenge to get a complimentary sample of the 3 step skincare. You get a package with a sample of the face wash, toner (softening lotion) and moisturizer.

I didn't have to do the "skincare challenge" so I guess you just have to ask them for it.

Click here for more info

Thanks to Amy for providing the link :)

picture from

How much would you pay for...

patent leather flat sandals? these are by Prada so I know I can't say $50.

Here's my dilemma:
I need a pair of flat sandals for those long summer days of walking around the city...or town.

Comfort: I find thongs incredibly uncomfortable but that seems to be the trend for most flat sandals.
Style: I don't like gladiator sandals nor birkenstocks because I find them ugly (on me at least).
Financial: I can't justify splurging over $100 on flat, nearly material-less shoes. Look at
those soles! They'll be gone after a summer or two!
but, I found out that some fancier flat sandals these days cost up to $90 or so at Aldo and Nine West...

hrmm....... and the S.A. said these looked good (ITA). I tried on 4 pairs of shoes and only got the
thumbs up for these.

Well, there's still quite a bit of time until summer starts....should I just be patient and wait for another cheaper alternative to come to me?


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes....(Literally!): Part 1

Ta-Da! I know...they're not exactly what you think of when you hear 'Pedro Garcia' satin, no ribbons....just a plain pair of white pointed toe slingbacks w/ 3 inch heels.

I'm always scared of white items...but these will be a good way to train me to baby my items more...since I tend to be quite rough on shoes. Since I"ll be working in the summer (hopefully), these will be the perfect shoes that'll go with everything.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Though I'm no longer on the prowl for deals and steals, I did manage to catch the H20+ sale. This sale is occurring both in the U.S. AND Canada. And Canadians, you are also paying $18 CAD. I love you H20 for not jacking up Canadian prices. I also love you Coach and Tiffany's even though I haven't bought anything from you guys since your "price decrease". I hate you Payless Shoe Source because it's the first time I've wanted to buy something from you...but how can I for $50CAD when they are $25 USD on your website?

Back on topic, click here to see the full line of sale products. I ended up getting hand cream and the scrub since I have too many bottle of lotion lying around. But for such a good deal, I might go back and pick up more...

Been gone for too long...

I've been in a rut. A shopping and beauty rut to be exact. The never-ending snowstorms in Toronto aren't exactly helping. I mean, who wants to go out and shop when there's a blizzard outside? Also, who would want to stick icy, rock hard things into your eye every morning? I've been living in my glasses for the past 3 months, hence the beauty rut. Good thing my contacts last up to 2 years.

Anyways, here are the pics from the post 4 months ago *smiles sheepishly*

Le SportSac Tokidoki Adios Star BV tote: This side has better character placements and more characters. The other side has like 2 characters only! I guess that's what you get for a discounted bag. At least I got Latte and Cactus Boy! Can't wait to start using it for school come spring! Though this is many people's least favourite tokidoki pattern, it has grown on me because it looks less....childish? That's just mho...

Gerard Darel Pocket Saint Germain 24 heures: Bad picture. Great bag. I love it more and more with each use. The leather is soft and the bag is lightweight unlike Mr. Marc Jacob's bags. The extra pockets and compartments make it much easier to organize my things since the regular Saint Germain had only 1 interior pocket. It has replaced my desire for the Balenciaga motorcycle bag that I wanted ever since I saw an Olsen wearing it back in the day, and saved me $$$. I will definitely get my hands on another GD if I visit Europe. Montreal prices are way too high from what I know.

While I haven't shopped that much...I did get a number of spring items that I'm fairly excited about. I'll keep it in another post so I have more to post about later LOL.