Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kors vs. Palmroth = Fashion vs. Function

Kors Michael Kors boots....they look better irl.
The pointed toe and leather sole means fashion>function since I won't be able to tread through the snow with these. I'd wear these during fall and early work or out for dinner on the weekends. I'd tuck jeans into them or wear them with skirts and dresses.


Pertti Palmroth boots with rubber soles and lined with fleece on the inside and without the chain detail on back ( I couldn't find the exact pic..but these are similar). Learn about this Finnish brand here.
Same uses as the Kors pair. I'd wear these out on a weekend...and maybe to school too since the rubber sole can handle that.

Would it be really redundant to get both pairs...since they're both black and flat?

I have boots that look similar to the second pair already....but the fleece lining and sole is amazing! The construction of the Palmroth boots is wonderful and fit for a Canadian winter since they're made in Finland...but it's not like I'm planning to wear these to shovel snow or walk for miles over slush.

However, I like the looks of the KORS boots more. They're not as warm or comfy but the zipper detail and belt loops at the top make it look visually more interesting. Damn you leather sole!

OMG...I actually considered another pair of Kors boots w/ 3.5 inch heels...but I'm too practical so I'm not even gonna post those.

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