Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2 New Bags within 2 Weeks...

I think I need to stop buying.

Actually, I don't even think I should be blogging NOW. When I have a midterm, an assignment due AND a project to work on (among all things). A girl just needs some downtime to share her happiness though, no?

I've been meaning to puchase a Longchamp Le Pliage and/or a Le SportSac for awhile...wanted some of that lightweight nylon for school/travelling. I actually decided to go for the Longchamp, and guess what?

A Tokidoki Le SportSac popped up when I was least expecting it.

I used to shop at Winners (Like Kohl's in the U.S.? Basically different brands send their 'ends' there for discounted prices) when I was in elementary-middle school. Early on, my mother taught me the importance of getting good quality/brands for a fraction of the price. Well, I've barely gone since, and at my recent stop at Winners, not only did I find out they carried designer brands (which I'm sure most of you know by now), but they also opened a new and improved beauty department!

So, I left with an Adios Star BV Tote, a Carita Paris cleansing milk, and a huge bottle of Decleor Paris cleansing water...all for less than $200.

My second bag arrived today! I've been eyeing the Gerard Darel 24 hr. St. Germain bag for ages....and it's mine now! I'm a bit disappointed though...I was expecting it to be bigger, with smoother/squishier leather....the interior was not that nice too. I was expecting more for a 300 Euro bag. *sigh* It smelled funky too, not the type of leather smell that I usually like...I guess when you have 'high hopes', you'll also get disappointed more easily.

Well, no more bags for the rest of the year! That is my goal.

*winks* that means I only have to wait 2 more months....

P.S. Pics will come later...can't find my camera!