Monday, September 1, 2008

Listerine Whitening Strips

The people at were kind enough to let me try out the new Listerine Whitening strips. They are basically the same concept as the Crest place them on your teeth in the morning and night for two weeks and end up with visibly whiter teeth!

I've used the Crest whitening paste and the whitestrips in the past prior to the Listerine so it was easier to compare which is better and worse. I found the Crest whitening paste hard to spread evenly on my teeth and it felt I never finished using the entire thing.

The Crest whitestrips showed a significant difference and I loved how you could tell my teeth were whiter in a few days! However, I felt that having them on for 1/2 an hour was too uncomfortable. The package says you can talk on the phone with them...but I could barely speak. All the saliva sticks to the strips and when you pull them out of your get a mouthful of drool *ick*

Now, the Listerine whitening strips are the newest ones out in the it's obvious they would take the best elements available and make it even better. These strips dissolve in 5-10 minutes, so gotta love that! Also, with the strips dissolving, there's no messiness involving drooling mouths nor product removal. You can literally sleep in them!
The gripes I have about them is that the mint flavour could be too strong for some. I gave some to a friend and she said it burned her tongue. I'm also iffy about swallowing chemicals that can whiten your teeth....

I recommend this product if you're looking for a rather affordable teeth whitening system that's convenient. However, if you have really yellow teeth and want to whiten them FAST, then Crest seems to whiten better. I am tempted to try GoSmile though....

To try a free sample of the Listerine whitening dissolving strips for yourself, click here

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