Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes....(Literally!): Part 1

Ta-Da! I know...they're not exactly what you think of when you hear 'Pedro Garcia' satin, no ribbons....just a plain pair of white pointed toe slingbacks w/ 3 inch heels.

I'm always scared of white items...but these will be a good way to train me to baby my items more...since I tend to be quite rough on shoes. Since I"ll be working in the summer (hopefully), these will be the perfect shoes that'll go with everything.


Sophia said...

wow i've never seen this style! these are really practical and i know you'll get so much mileage out of these. congratulations!!! :)

gsquared said...

You know, I have to thank you sophia because I learned about Pedro Garcia from reading your blog:D I definitely think these are a great pair of basics to have!