Sunday, March 16, 2008

How much would you pay for...

patent leather flat sandals? these are by Prada so I know I can't say $50.

Here's my dilemma:
I need a pair of flat sandals for those long summer days of walking around the city...or town.

Comfort: I find thongs incredibly uncomfortable but that seems to be the trend for most flat sandals.
Style: I don't like gladiator sandals nor birkenstocks because I find them ugly (on me at least).
Financial: I can't justify splurging over $100 on flat, nearly material-less shoes. Look at
those soles! They'll be gone after a summer or two!
but, I found out that some fancier flat sandals these days cost up to $90 or so at Aldo and Nine West...

hrmm....... and the S.A. said these looked good (ITA). I tried on 4 pairs of shoes and only got the
thumbs up for these.

Well, there's still quite a bit of time until summer starts....should I just be patient and wait for another cheaper alternative to come to me?


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