Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have a good excuse--err...I mean reason for this...

I had to attend a formal. I wore a red dress...but realized I had no shoes to go with it. I don't even own a basic pair of black pumps!

These glittery gold Repetto T-Strap sandals appeared at just the right time (which was a few days before the event). I know they're not too versatile due to the amount of glitter...but I was DESPERATE! The heel isn't that sexy...but they're still 3 inches. Have I mentioned the comfort factor yet? OMG...the padding provided is amazing! My friends' feet all hurt in the middle of the night, especially after dancing, but I didn't feel any discomfort until the very end....and it was only slight discomfort. I suppose that's a given, since Repetto does specialize in creating dancing shoes.

I'm sorry that my feet have to be in that picture...I know toes aint the most pleasant thing to look at...but I'm lazy..and that pic was conveniently snapped without me knowing.

You can also get these shoes online here at They only have the purple version though (shown below).
I'm hoping I can add some non-shoe related entries soon...must stop this addiction!

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