Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Thursday, Nov.6 receive 25% off any H20 Purchase

Got this in the mail since I'm an H20 plus you're supposed to bring i the card to get the discount....however, you can also redeem this offer online by entering the promo code 080367.

My pick (what I want to try out) would be the new Sugar Plum purifying shower cream...cos I definitely need the moisturizing benefits for the dry skin in the winter. Heck, it's even snowing already here in Toronto....It's October, for goodness sakes!


source: H2o+

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Got 'em Boots

So I ended up choosing fashion>function.

I swear I'm usually a comfort>fashion gal (except for Uggs, Crocs, and grey sweatpants for going out). I wore these out once...and goodness gracious, my left foot was scraped beyond relief! It was embarrasing how I tried to not limp (which probably made me look more ridiculous). I dind't know you had to break boots in! The right shoe was a my right foot was fine. I was in pain all day and it took me twice as long to get from one destination to another. Someone tell me how these can retail for $495 CAD (found out online that they go for $395 in the U.S. Sc
am!) cos they're the most painful flat boots I own to date. I'm still cursing the leather sole too...I'm not a believer in them.

However, at the end of the treacherous day, the S.A. at Lululemon complimented my boots :D:D:D I guess "No Pain, No Gain" really worked in this case. So, I love these boots again and decided to stop cursing them. Yup, all it took was one comment to take the pain away...I still have a bandaid stuck on my foot as I'm writing this :(

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Summer clearance buys that also work for fall

Over the knee stockings in deep violet by Miss Sixty. Not really my style, but I like it on other people so I'm giving it a try. They're actually not sheer when put on, but sheer enough to wear during S/S yet like tights, you can wear 'em under dresses or with shorts as shown above. It actually has the Miss Sixty studded on the leg of one sock (like the pic) which I don't prefer.... However, I haven't had much luck finding a pair that's not sheer. That, or it's more expensive (American Apparel). Now why would I pay more for socks made in L.A. when I can get cheaper ones made in Italy? The cheapo in me will stick to logowhoring for the sake of saving a few bucks thank you very much.

Burgundy embellished tank with ruching and silk empire waist by Development. I love this brand, especially when it was designed by Philip Lim early on... This is one of my favourite colours to wear and looked so flattering! Though sleeveless, the rich berry colour is perfect for autumn! The straps are embellished with tiny pieces of metallic red foil which looks really cool but is quite annoying because they fall off or hook onto other things.

Bright pink knit tank w/ circle pattern by Milly. I love the colour and the subtle circle print knit! I can try to winter-ize it by layering it over thin black turtlenecks and tees (I creative! lol) Unfortunately, knit stretches out so the straps are getting looser with each wear :S

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lady in Red

"Rida"-Red patent leather pumps with 3.25 inch heel by Donald J. Pliner

Why is it that I can never stick to my wishlist?

I try to...I really do. I was on the lookout for basic BLACK heels for work and play, and I come across these. The patent isn't too shiny, and the red isn't too bright which may tend to look a bit hookerish. Still, I call these my hooker shoes :P. DJP is known for his comfortable shoes so I'm excited to finally be able to own a pair. The soles are both leather and rubber which means no slipping and sliding! These will look great w/ LBDs and LWDs for weekends. These will make my somber/neutral work attire more interesting. Even though they came without a box or dustbag, I got them for 70% off at Winners (which are getting some pretty good shoes in by the way). HA, take that!


I think I just answered my own question.