Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring/Summer Cheap Thrills

Over the past few weeks...I've shopped around and picked things up 'accidently'. I have had no intention of buying anything in particular for the past 2 months...but unfortunately(?), that's when I buy the most -_-. I used to hate H&M. When it first opened in Toronto., I would keep going in, hopint to find something, but I would never find anything I liked. I didn't find the prices all that cheap either....but looks like I changed my mind this past year. (please don't mind the random stuff in my room shown in the pics :P).
Picked up this coral empire waisted v-neck jersey dress today @ H&M. The print looks like some splattered ink dots on a coral background. On the TLC show 'What Not To Wear', coral is said to be one of the most universally flattering colours. It looks good on ANY skintone. I don't own anything this might be a good start. The empire waist is flattering for shorties like me, the knee length is great for petites (me again) and the straps are JUST thick enough to cover bra straps. SCORE at $16.90 CAD!
On my last day of classes, I took a trip down to Eaton Centre to pick up a freebie and to check out Sephora. I ended up at Urban Outfitters instead when I saw the additional 50% off sign. Not as good as March's end of season additional 75% sale...but still good. Got this sheer, floaty sleeved top for $17. I've been trying to change my wardrobe the past 2 years with a focus on more feminine tops to pair with my love of casual denim and trouser shorts. A great, colourful addition to my wardrobe since I mainly wear neutrals.
Picked this blush jersey top with black sash at H&M also. Regular price at $24.90...usually I don't buy regular priced stuff...but I just loved the length of the top, the pleats, and the slightly square neckline. The jersey material is super sheer, but comfortable. I actually hate the colour pink....but since this is so light, I'll consider it neutral XD.
My aunt bought this for me from Korea or HK...I forgot. The nude colour is nice, so are the lace accents...very romantic. However, this isn't quite my style (frilly, girly, ultra fem/cute). The bottom layers of the skirt part aren't exactly the most flattering for my problem area (thighs) either. I like it..and I do want to wear it...Anyone have any suggestions to make it look more flattering or 'cool'?
Finally...SHOE SHOPPING! One of my favourite things to do. Like my wardrobe, I've also been working on changing my shoe collection for the past few years...less sneakers and more heels and ballet flats. Picked up this pair of Louboutin-esque Aldo blue patent leather platforms for $25. Haven't worn them yet...I'm scared I won't be able to walk in them. I don't think I'll wear em much...but for $25, I'll give them a try. Just bought these 2 weeks ago and have worn them like mad! Red leather flats for $20. They also had gold...and I was so tempted to get them too, but I've always wanted a pair of red flats. I also wanted to see how comfy these were before I picked up 2 pairs. I love them! Still trying to break into them, but they're a lot more comfy than the silver ballet flats I got at Aritzia (which look exactly the same except for the bottom).

All that for just a little over $100 (minus the lace dress and tax). :D

What cheap thrills have you encountered lately?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Beauty Deals News

Sorry for posting so little the past 2 months or so. I hope you readers haven't disappeared yet!

Just finished my FIRST exam today =_= but I'll celebrate by announcing random beauty deals as the title says. (lame celebration, I know :P)

Maybelline Great Lash mascara is loved by make up artists, but hated but reviewers on Make Up Alley. I'm actually 'ok' with it. Not great, not bad. Good, cheap backup mascara nonetheless. Just remember that you'll spidery lashes with too many coats...keep it light with one coat or two and it's pretty natural.
Get the twin pack for $4.96 CAD at Wal-Mart. That's less than $2.50 per mascara!
Cover Girl Professional Mascara: great reviews on this one. I personally haven't tried it yet, but I plan to pick one up tomorrow. $3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart. Also on sale for $3.99 is CG's Super Thick Lash mascara. Ugly tube, but apparently great formula.
Hurry, cos the deal ends on April 27.

It's GWP time at The Bay! As usual, spend $33 on any Lancome products and you can receive all that you see above (8-piece gift, value of $120). Offer available until May 13.
Since I've been talking about fave from Lancome is the Hypnose mascara. It's quite expensive...and I find it hard to justify paying so much for something I toss out in 3 months...but that's what GWPs are for!
Elizabeth Arden has come out with a new fragrance, Mediterranean. However, here's the catch. Puchase the Mediterranean 50ml fragrance, and receive the above set for $62. There are 2 palettes with eyeshadows and blush, 2 lipglosses, 3 lipsticks, eyeliner pencil, lipliner, makeup brush set, handbag, mini EDT etc. valued at $340.Finally, Estee Lauder is doing a GWP at Sears. Get the above set (valued at $65) with any purchase of $32 or more. I don't use Estee I can't really recommend anything. Their brush on illuminating concealer is a good, cheaper alternative to YSL's Touche Eclat and Dior's Skinflash though! This deal ends April 27.

Enjoy these deals while they last!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Coveting my first Tiffany piece

I've been hoping to break away from only posting about local (Toronto/Canadian) deals/freebies....though who doesn't love a good bargain? Here's another shot at targeting more personal shopping dilemmas: picking out a piece of Tiffany jewellery for myself.

I'll admit it...Tiffany's is a classic, and has been all the rage years ago when I first learned about the brand...yet I don't own a piece of this classic. Mind you, I'll emphasize the fact that I'm a non-working student...and one who much prefers to purchase something on sale. Unfortunately, classics don't go on sale. Take Louis Vuitton, Chanel...and of course, Tiffany & Co. My budget is I'm gonna stick to good ol' 925 silver pieces.These 1837 circle earrings are so cute! They look like buttons. I know they have the big logo...but it's kinda subtle since they're tiny earrings. I don't change my earrings I think I'll get great use out of them..thus making the $190 CAD price tag more worth it.I've always liked the Atlas's a Tiffany classic, without flashing the words "Tiffany". Most of the accessories from the Atlas line are more expensive...but this roman numeral covered die is whimsical yet elegant. The $190 CAD price tag doesn't hurt my wallet either.The Return to Tiffany line has been one of the most popular lines among young people. Could it be the clear display of the name? The low price tag? Who knows? It's classic though (despite the many knockoffs found online and in HK). Again..I don't mind the 'brand' being displayed so much...who's gonna look at my ears anyways? Especially when it's not those big, dangly earrings. $160 CAD.Again, the ever popular "Return to Tifffany" heart tag necklace. I prefer the heart over the oval and circle...cos those are just TOO tag like...I also like the pendant more than the thick chained version of the necklace that most ppl seem to have (on their necks and wrists)...that version looks tag like IMO. No offense to me, this one is just daintier and more lady-like. Nicely priced at just $125 CAD.The ever popular non-logo design: Elsa Peretti's Open heart has been seen on everyone's necks. It's simple and classy. I love her fluid design....but I've seen tons of similar earrings like these for a fraction of the price. Is it worth the $195 CAD splurge?Elsa Peretti "Bean" pendant: I've always been interested in this piece. I'm not sure why..but I find it so funny! Something as ridiculous (well...random) as a bean being made into such a fluid and elegant design. I like it though! It's something I would like to own one day...but if I could only own ONE piece of Tiffany...I'm not sure if I'll want it to be a bean. It's different...and though subtle, it'll still make a great conversation starter.
$185 for the small; $220 for medium (shown)

Paloma Picasso Loving Heart pendant. Picasso's "X" logo is strategically incorporated into the heart shape. I like it when logos are are subtly linked into another image/design. I dunno...I don't like IN YOUR FACE logos...but unless the design is really superb...I don't see the point of spending a lot on something that's simple (like a good ol' heart, teardrop, etc.) that doesn't have a logo.
$190 small pendant (shown).

Finally...this one is totally out of my budget...but it's so pretty!
Star Lariat necklace: I love the design! This one doesn't have any jewels/diamonds so you can get it for $285. It'll look so nice with a pretty, plain coloured top/dress so that the necklace can take the spotlight! I don't think I'll have much chance to wear I dress very casually on a day to day basis. There's also a heart version...but that's too cutesy/girly for me. I'd definitely get this though when I have the $ or when I have enough events that allow me dress up. I'm rational enough to not let my senses take over me....which is important for any fashionista on a budget.

I know I like too many things...but there you have it. My long list of wants. Which one should I go for? Help me choose a piece from above, or recommend another piece of jewellery. I'm very open to suggestions. I'm not sure whether I want a pendant or if you want to, help me pick one of each. XD

view more at

Friday, April 13, 2007

Petite Feet Sample Sale: April 12-April 15

I just found out about this today, so I couldn't post earlier about it! I just went, but came back empty handed unfortunately. The selection is great though, just that I don't have anything i REALLY wanted ( I just bought 2 pairs of shoes last month), plus, I'm a true-to-size 5.5, so only a some size 6's fit me.

Don't let the name trick you though! Although most of the shoes are Size 6 (hence, petite), there are also shoes that run from sizes 7-12. I would say 95% of the shoes are for women though.

Main Brands Carried:
Franco Sarto
Jessica Simpson
A. Marinelli
Etienne Aigner
Via Spiaga
Italian Shoemakers
Carlos by Carlos Santana

Other 'pricier' brands include Same Edelman and BCBG Max Azria (but there are probably less than 10 pairs of each).

There were over 5000 pairs of shoes (at least that was what was advertised) and each shoes was unique. This is a TRUE sample sale because the shoes were marked with "sample only" in them, so I think they're pretty much authentic.

Sandals $50
Shoes $60
Booties $70ish (I forgot cos I was focusing on searching through sandals and shoes)
Boots $80-100 (approx)

Prices aren't bad, especially if you pick up the pricy brands. I saw a pair of satin Sam Edelman's...but unforunately, they're too loose...:(

Anyways check it out if you're in Uptown Toronto!

Petite Feet Sample Sale
First Markham Place Next to Golf Town
3255 Hwy 7 E, Unit E3
Hours: Fri 9am-9pm
Sat & Sun 9am-6pm


Monday, April 9, 2007

Caesar Spa Spring Offers

I received an ad in my mail from Caesar Spa. Some of the packages are quite good (and cheaper than the Spa Week promos I mentioned a few posts earlier).

Spring Package: Relaxing massage (30 min), Mini facial (30 min) for $52 (reg. $78)
bring a friend and this special package will be yours for only $45
Thai Stem Massage/45 min $40 (reg. $65)
Green Tea Facial (60 min) $38 (reg. $75)
Hot Stone Massage (45 min) $56 (reg. $88)

They had promos earlier..but I missed out :( Maybe I'll get to try this one soon. They have locations uptown in Richmond Hill and Downtown. Call to see if the promo is available downtown..I think it might be Richmond Hill only though.

check out for more details.

Richmond Hill
670 Hwy. 7 East, Unit 41 ( Hwy.7 & Leslie)
Sheraton Shoppes of the Parkway


Downtown-->call 647-436-2168

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Restaurant Review: 5th Element Fine Dining & Lounge

5th Element Fine Dining & Lounge offers an East Indian-Mediterranean Fusion cuisine. It's a good introduction to Indian food (even though it's NOT an Indian restaurant). It sits at the convenient location of Bay & St. Joseph (right between Bloor and Wellesley). The restaurant is one level and offers patio sitting in warmer months. Our group of 10 ordered from the special promotional 4 course dinner menu, and it was DELICIOUS (not to mention the fabulous price!).

We all started off with the 'amuse" which was the English Green Pea Consomme. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture, but it was a small green pea soup with crispy dough balls floating on top. There was a slight zesty aftertaste to it...which made it very enjoyable. One of my friends loved it and wanted more after finishing.

There were 5 appetizers to choose from...and as you see above, I chose the salmon wrapped scallops. The bay scallop was grilled..and the flavour of it was exquisite! I loved the spices they put on the scallop. I'm a fan of smoked salmon, so I def loved this dish. The Vegetable Samosa au Gratin was a samosa with melted cheese on top and I heard it was excellent as well. Other choices include the FIsh Tempura, Asian Pear & Mango Salad and Chaat Delicacy.
For the main course, the Lobster Risotto was a popular choice. I didn't try it, but everyone cleared their plates. Of course, how can you go wrong with yummy lobster tails and creamy risotto?
I opted for the Nazami Lamb Shank. I totally RECOMMEND this dish. I'm don't eat lamb that much...nor do I always appreciate that strange flavour only lamb gives off...but this is one of the best lamb shanks I've ever had. Part of the reason was because the 'lamb' flavour wasn't too strong, secondly..I just really liked the sauce. It was a little sweet and salty and also had a tang to it. The mashed potatoes go very nicely with the sauce as well.Another entree option was the Tandoor Red Chicken. If you like curry, or spicy/zesty food, you'll probably like this dish. The pilaf rice tastes like curry rice (I never knew what pilaf was). It looked quite yummy actually.
The other 2 entree options include Salmon Rolade and Stuffed Paneer Tikka.
Finally...DESSERT!. I had the creme brulee. Some claim that it was only 'ok' and some didn't like the consistency. I thought it was good...not OUTSTANDING..but still good. My only problem was that there was too much sugar on top. I ha to hit my spoon hardly to break off the first piece. Not bad though.Another choice for dessert was the chocolate mousse. I've heard lots of good things about it...but my friends don't like overly rich or sweet things. It should be a great choice for any chocolate lover though!
The final choice for dessert was Gulab Jamun with Mascarpone cheese.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience there. The servers and the boss were friendly. Service was a teeny bit slow..but that's expected of finer restaurants. At least they weren't trying to rush you out the door to seat other people (like Asian places -_-). For the price, the portions were good. Not teeny like what you would expect at the -licious events. For girls, the portions were more than enough. Unless you're a big guy, you should be satiated. The dinner promo of $39.99 for 2 people ends April 14, but do not fret because I heard there will be another promo soon at the end of the month. Their regular menu prices are also quite affordable for this type of restaurant.

Check out their promo dinner special menu here
Check out the restaurant website here

Thank you to majic on RFD for the pictures (yes I forgot to take pics during my own dinner).

5th Element Fine Dining & Lounge
1033 Bay St. (Bay & St. Joseph, between Bloor and Wellesley)
Downtown Toronto
Dress code: smart casual
Catering available
TTC Stop: Bay

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Free sample of the NEW Stila Plumping Lip Glaze @ Holt Renfrew

I LOVE Stila products, and what's better them for free?

For those who've always wanted to try the lip glaze or a new lip plumping product, here's your chance save $30 and try it for FREE!

Simply just present this coupon and you'll get it. For those who fear having to deal with pushy salespeople, there's NO pressure to get a makeover or buy any products.

Check your email box, or click the image above for the full size print out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boots UK now available in Canada!

The well loved UK brand "Boots" has finally hit Canada! I know that they recently launched their products at Target in the U.S. I was actually thinking about having my friend bring me back something from the UK since she's going there next week...but luckily, I no longer have to ask for the favour.

Botanics by Boots and the No.7 line will be available at select Shoppers Drug Marts across the country.

Ok ...more Toronto and Winnipeg. I'm actually surprised that there aren't more downtown locations carrying it yet....but I suppose they will eventually.

Check the SDM site for locations and more details: Boots at SDM

Also, receive 10x the Optimum points when you spend $20 or more on Boots products. Offer valid until May 30, 2007.

Monday, April 2, 2007

BCBG Max Azria Spring 2007 Dresses-Cute & Girly

I just received "Le Journal" , the BCBG Spring 2007 catalogue in the mail today...and I'm loving a lot of the looks! BCBG Max Azria is one of my favourites in terms of style, their clothes can be cute & feminine and chic & elegant while being comfortable at the same time. Their price point is still a bit high for my budget, but it's not bad compared to other designer brands since BCBG is a middle-upper range brand. Their seasonal sales that go up to 75% off aren't too bad either! Below are some of my picks for this season:
(above: Cotton Voile Dress with Embroidered Detail $364 CAD/ $280 USD)This yellow mini dress is delicate with the floral details on the neckline and the cheery yellow colour is perfect for spring/summer. Even though the skirt kinda looks like a sack with the pouf, the slightly squared neckline helps to makes your waist look slimmer at the same time. (Does that sound contradictory?) $364 CAD/ $300 USD
This is such a pretty dress! Doesn't it kind of remind you of the Chanel dress Mischa Barton wore on the O.C. during the prom episode? If you're thinking of prom/formal, this might be the perfect Chanel alternative! $515 CAD/ $396 USDHere's Mischa in the Chanel dress that probably costs thousands of dollars.This cut looks flattering with the belted empire waist, sexy with the low v-neck, yet refreshing with the whimsical print (I actually haven't quite figured out what print it is yet). It's also more affordable at $158 USD

Picture credits: Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue,