Sunday, May 18, 2008

Preview of New Cartier LOVE Worldwide Campaign

"12 music artists created an exclusive track for Cartier LOVE - featuring Lou Reed, Marion Cotillard, Thomas Dybdahl, Dan Black, Grand National, feneesz+sakamoto, Pauline Croze, Little Dragon, Sol Seppy, Khalil Fong, Hawksley Workman, and Phoenix. " -lovebycartier on youtube

I love Cartier and Khalil Fong :D I don't own anything by Cartier...but being able to own Cartier 'music' will do for now.

*update*: go to now to download the music, watch interviews with the artists, view art, and watch short movie clips all inspired by love.


lu said...

Khalil rules :)

go check out the love cartier site. his songs, along with the 11 others', are available for download now!

gsquared said...

^ Thanks for the reminder! I can't believe I didn't put the part about the songs being available for download starting May 26 so even I forgot!