Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kors vs. Palmroth = Fashion vs. Function

Kors Michael Kors boots....they look better irl.
The pointed toe and leather sole means fashion>function since I won't be able to tread through the snow with these. I'd wear these during fall and early work or out for dinner on the weekends. I'd tuck jeans into them or wear them with skirts and dresses.


Pertti Palmroth boots with rubber soles and lined with fleece on the inside and without the chain detail on back ( I couldn't find the exact pic..but these are similar). Learn about this Finnish brand here.
Same uses as the Kors pair. I'd wear these out on a weekend...and maybe to school too since the rubber sole can handle that.

Would it be really redundant to get both pairs...since they're both black and flat?

I have boots that look similar to the second pair already....but the fleece lining and sole is amazing! The construction of the Palmroth boots is wonderful and fit for a Canadian winter since they're made in Finland...but it's not like I'm planning to wear these to shovel snow or walk for miles over slush.

However, I like the looks of the KORS boots more. They're not as warm or comfy but the zipper detail and belt loops at the top make it look visually more interesting. Damn you leather sole!

OMG...I actually considered another pair of Kors boots w/ 3.5 inch heels...but I'm too practical so I'm not even gonna post those.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Biotherm Flash Recharge Concentrate

A few months ago, I was invited to a Biotherm event where were were introduced to new products and got to try some samples!

I waited out a few months before writing this because of the obvious reason/excuse of being busy...(hence the MIA) and because it's hard to determine if you really like something right away.

I will be honest...I haven't been using this I don't know if it improved my skin or not. It certainly did not worsen it because the consistency is super light and oil free. It claims to give your skin an energetic glow. I don't know if my skin looked it, but it CERTAINLY felt recharged! I love the way it feels!

$49 CAD may seem a bit pricy as the bottle is small (30ml)...but if you get it during a GWP (which is usually $30) then I think this is worth it. It makes me feel really good...just use some luminzing powder on top to get that extra glow :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Eye Enhancers

Nope, I'm not going to be talking about make up this time. Not mascara, eyeshadow, nor eyeliner.

I'm considering getting coloured contacts! I love how they are a subtle way to change your looks. Having dark hair myself, I find that blue or purple eyes looks striking! Often, those with Asian eyes tend to choose colours like hazel or grey because they look better...but having tried trial pairs in the past, I found out I look best in blue and purple....though I really hoped that I would look good in green. So, if you are planning to buy coloured contacts, I highly suggest that you go to your optical shop and ask for trial pairs before you decide on which colour(s) to get!

There are many options in terms of colours and brands to choose from nowadays. I started off with Freshlook Colors (opaques) which gave me more of that 'striking' look I was trying to achieve. The next time, I tried Freshlook Colorblends which are a little more natural.

I found an old pic of me wearing blue lenses. I don't think I was wearing makeup in this it'll probably look better if you piled on the mascara or falsies!

I've recently started wearing Acuvue Oasys...and boy, they are comfy! I previously wore hard RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses for the past 7 I suppose anything would seem comfy. Regardless, I'm interested in trying the Acuvue 2 Color Enhancers in Aquamarine...anyone tried them before?

To look at more contact lenses, coloured or not, you can visit It's a site specified for contacts only, and I found it pretty easy to navigate through all the brands and prices.

There's also the new 'black' coloured contacts that are supposed to give you 'anime sized eyes'....but I'll leave that for another post ;)

Listerine Whitening Strips

The people at were kind enough to let me try out the new Listerine Whitening strips. They are basically the same concept as the Crest place them on your teeth in the morning and night for two weeks and end up with visibly whiter teeth!

I've used the Crest whitening paste and the whitestrips in the past prior to the Listerine so it was easier to compare which is better and worse. I found the Crest whitening paste hard to spread evenly on my teeth and it felt I never finished using the entire thing.

The Crest whitestrips showed a significant difference and I loved how you could tell my teeth were whiter in a few days! However, I felt that having them on for 1/2 an hour was too uncomfortable. The package says you can talk on the phone with them...but I could barely speak. All the saliva sticks to the strips and when you pull them out of your get a mouthful of drool *ick*

Now, the Listerine whitening strips are the newest ones out in the it's obvious they would take the best elements available and make it even better. These strips dissolve in 5-10 minutes, so gotta love that! Also, with the strips dissolving, there's no messiness involving drooling mouths nor product removal. You can literally sleep in them!
The gripes I have about them is that the mint flavour could be too strong for some. I gave some to a friend and she said it burned her tongue. I'm also iffy about swallowing chemicals that can whiten your teeth....

I recommend this product if you're looking for a rather affordable teeth whitening system that's convenient. However, if you have really yellow teeth and want to whiten them FAST, then Crest seems to whiten better. I am tempted to try GoSmile though....

To try a free sample of the Listerine whitening dissolving strips for yourself, click here