Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emergency Relief Needed

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the Sichuan province of China has been one of the deadliest natural disasters in years. The tremor was so huge that surrounding countries such as Japan and Pakistan could feel the quake. You have all probably seen or heard the news already and are aware of the continually rising numbers of dead and missing. Watching the clips of the devastated family members, anxiously searching for their friends and family and seeing their loved ones passed away is nothing but heartbreaking. The tears of those in pain emotionally, and physically reminds us how blessed we are. Don't forget the situation in Myanmar.

There I was, worrying about whether I'll get that job in an upcoming interview. Thinking if I should spend my birthday money on shoes or a bag? I totally need to try that posh new restaurant recommended by TorontoLife. I'm totally bummed out because I got a B instead of an A. These are some of my(or maybe your's?) day to day thoughts or worries. Let's pause for a moment, and think about all of life's blessings. How we are able to stuff ourselves during dinner, and how we have the ability to be laughing and smiling each waking moment.

Let's stop shopping for a moment. Instead of contributing to that new pair of Choos, maybe we can give what we can give to those less fortunate than us. Give up our little luxuries, and perhaps help save a life (or lives), especially at a crucial moment like this. Sure, there is famine and war everyday...but sometimes (unfortunately), it takes a large cry for help to get our attention to give.

Here are some links if you want to contribute to the earthquake or cyclone relief:
World Vision Canada
Canadian Red Cross

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