Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Got 'em Boots

So I ended up choosing fashion>function.

I swear I'm usually a comfort>fashion gal (except for Uggs, Crocs, and grey sweatpants for going out). I wore these out once...and goodness gracious, my left foot was scraped beyond relief! It was embarrasing how I tried to not limp (which probably made me look more ridiculous). I dind't know you had to break boots in! The right shoe was a display...so my right foot was fine. I was in pain all day and it took me twice as long to get from one destination to another. Someone tell me how these can retail for $495 CAD (found out online that they go for $395 in the U.S. Sc
am!) cos they're the most painful flat boots I own to date. I'm still cursing the leather sole too...I'm not a believer in them.

However, at the end of the treacherous day, the S.A. at Lululemon complimented my boots :D:D:D I guess "No Pain, No Gain" really worked in this case. So, I love these boots again and decided to stop cursing them. Yup, all it took was one comment to take the pain away...I still have a bandaid stuck on my foot as I'm writing this :(


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Jessica said...

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