Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween? this post is not related to fashion or deals or anything of the like. My family hasn't passed out candy in a few I decided to be nice and give out some candy this year! However, since I wasn't home, I put some candies in a jack-o-lantern plastic bucket (remember the one from McDonald's?) and put it outside on the window ledge so people can take some. I trust that humans are good and so left it there happily this morning.

When I came back just now, not only did all the candy disappear (which is a good thing), but MY PRECIOUS PUMPKIN BUCKET is gone too!. Ahhhh I should've known not to put something so cute outside...but I didn't believe how GREEDY people could be. I'm already giving you free candy and you take my bucket too?!?! My parents actually did this before when I was little...and we even got candy in return! Fast forward 10 year later to 2007....they take everything.

GAH! Kids these days just aren't like what they used to be.

Ok..rant over.

Hope you all had a fun halloween! I saw some pretty funky costumes today (Sailor, Clown...Cow..hahaha)!

Moral of the story: Short and simple. Please don't be greedy :)

Pic from x-entertainment (it's not x-rated....i googled mcdonalds pail to land there).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forever21 Canada Deals Forever21 opened in Toronto awhile ago...I'm sure most of you know that.

They also have the "Uptown Dress" as their "Brilliant Buys" for $15.50 CAD. Ok.. GREAT DEAL! YES!...I thought it was just an online exclusive thing (yes..I know that was not stated on the site...i ASSUMED which means I made an as-...never mind...). It's NOT!. They actually have this deal in stores. Unfortunately, this notice is a bit late as all the colours and sizes are picked over.

I think they only have black left..and no more smalls..but otherwise, they still had a big rack of these left.

SO hurry up and snatch one!...or you can wait until the next bargain buy and be assured that they'll have it in store. (Cos I hate buying online..don't know about you.)

Also, for those who DO like online shopping. Take advantage of their 20% off with $50+ purchase promo for the new opening of the Canadian online store. With shipping comes to be about the same as buying it in store...but at least you'll get your size and colour. (No coupon code required, once you hit over $50, the discount will apply).

Forever 21 Canada site

A Solution for Dry Skin?

Dry, itchy, sensitive skin? I think it runs in my family or something...unfortunately.

I got the Skin MD Natural lotion awhile ago...but a product junkie like me sometimes has too many different creams lying around the house that I totally forgot about it!

Thankfully, as I was clearing up my desk, I found this....and boy, am I ever glad I did! I hate the greasiness of body butters even though they're excellent the fast absorbing, lightweight properties of a lotion but it doesn't seem to be moisturizing enough. Can you say picky? Many lotions that are scented and smell wonderful at first...but by the end of the day you can get this 'icky' smell.

Skin MD Natural shielding lotion is different. It's texture is light and serum/emulsion like which means super fast absorption...and it works!. I looked at the list of ingredients and found all the main ingredients to be natural skin soothers like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Arnica. I love how it's unscented. It can also be used on the face, hands and body. Gotta love a multi-tasker!

I have to admit...the first time I used it, it didn't seem that special aside from being perfect for sensitive skin. My skin is not that sensitive (just dry on the legs and elbows) so I gave it to my mom. Sometimes, it's not about the packaging, advertising or lots of fancy frills. This is genuinely a good product, and the more you use it, the better the effects (over time).

So if you've tried every lotion out there and are still seeking the perfect, lightweight supermoisturizer...perhaps give this one a shot.

Read how it works here.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Esprit and Lacoste Shoes Warehouse Sale

Need I say more? (oh..and click image to enlarge.)

I won't be checking it out though as neither brands interest me enough to push through crowds...but I heard that the prices for the Lacoste shoes aren't bad (if you find your size).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This or That?

Sorry for the lack of updates! Crazy busy w/ school, work, and some extra tasks. Doesn't help that I also got into a car accident last weekend...but I'm thankful cos I'm still in once piece. No broken bones, no nothing...just a little strain here and there.

Anyways, I took pictures of some of my loot from my trip to the States...but I can't seem to locate them on the computer....

SO.....I've decided to ask for some help from readers instead.
YSL 'White Gold' Lip palette.....vs....Dior 'DiorLight' lipgloss pendant...

I've started collecting the limited edition makeup from Dior ever since the release of the Princess Ring....but I'd like to branch out since I've never tried YSL makeup (besides touche eclat)...

Any suggestions on which one to get? (And no...I can't buy both.)

Oh decisions!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007 & 10% OFF!

Ok..enough of Sephora. We all go there and we love the selection they give us. However, there are many other sites and boutiques that carry brands we love with great promotions and offers!

One of these is Besides this site, they also have a boutique spa store, which means that they sell lots of products that may only be found in dermatologist offices and spas. They also carry the the whole lot of skincare, makeup, bath and body goodies, fragrances, tools/accessories and mmmmm...scented candles!

I especially love the fact that they stock a lot of quality brands that you can't find elsewhere like Lippmann nailpolish, favourites like L'Occitane, Dermalogica, Sothy's...and lots of other indie brands that I've never heard of...but am looking forward to try.

Of course...being the deal hunter that I am, freebies and promotions are a MUST to attract me to buy something. Beautybridge has just that. FREE U.S. ground shipping w/ any order! (that's minimum purchase required!). Canadian shipping starts at $6.95...not bad huh? They also offer free samples when you make a purchase and have a regular promotions section and weekly offers section to scoop out on deals.

New customers also get 5% off their first order which is fantastic...but.....

since I love my readers and the people at beautybridge are can now get 10% OFF for the rest of the month (October) with the coupon code save10. This is not promoted on the consider yourself special :)

Happy shopping!

Monday, October 8, 2007

More budget make-up sets from Sephora...

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! I already had my share of turkey w/ stuffing and gravy last night and woke up with looking a bit pudgy -_-. Anyhow, thinking about clothing just isn't fun when I can barely squeeze myself into my favourite pair of straight legged Miss Sixty's so...I decided to browse through makeup instead.

As you may recall, I love purchasing makeup sets because of the trial sized products (often best sellers) and the appealing price tag it comes with. Being a product junkie, I won't feel guilty about spending less while wasting less product when I toss it aside. Being in Canada, we don't have a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) like the States does and warehouse sales are rare or packed.

Here are some of the sets I want to pick up:

1. Smashbox "Try Me" Set (pictured above) includes the famous primer, clear lipgloss, undereye brightener, palette containing the brow tech shades/wax, cream eyeliner, brush and instructional dvd. It's listed as $29 I assume it would be around $35 or less in Canada. However, I didn't see it in store yet.

2. Urban Decay-Best Of Urban: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again set
This is one set I'm getting for sure! I've always wanted to try the Primer Potion and glittery liquid eyeliner! The brown pencil with gold sparkles and shimmery gold eyeshadow is perfect for any skintone! $38 CAD at Sephora.
3. Shu Uemura Perfect Eye Set contains the famous Shu curler, Precise Volume mascara and an eyeliner pencil. The Shu curler is the newly redesigned one (not quite sure of the difference) and I absolutely love their mascara, even though it's a bit pricy. It's $59 USD...hopefully they'll carry this in Canada too.4. Tarte-We Wish You Health Skininvigorating Discovery Kit
This is marked as $38 USD and contains the Clean Slate primer, Lock and Roll creasless eyeshadows w/ Vit. E, an Inside Out Gloss (totally want to try this as it contains Borba vitamins...but does that mean I'm supposed to lick my lips when I have it on?) and the well known Light, Camera, Lashes mascara. Too bad it doesn't contain a mini cheekstain, that would be the perfect addition to this set.


P.S. New layout for my return! lol..sorry, don't know how to actually create my 'own' layout.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm back! hopefully for longer this time...

After disappearing for a few months....I have decided to start this again. I don't even think people check this blog anymore:P but then..i suppose it's not that old of a blog either. Lots of personal things happened, and blogging just wasn't my priority. I hate to say that I prefer to read rather than gets rather stressful at times as I feel obligated to post regularly. Doesn't help that my computer was down and taken to fix..for....a long while. I survived w/o internet at home..and only managed to sneak onto it at work (which we aren't allowed to do...eek!)

To any readers out there though...I'm VERY SORRY. Hopefully that won't happen again, or at least I'll leave a notice before I'm MIA.

Anyways, since the the purpose of me blogging is to keep a record of my buys/wants and to provide any lovely readers w/ a good deal...this post will not be without either one of them!

1) Go to the beauty counter at your local SDM (Shopper's Drug Mart) to receive a generous 5ml sample of Vichy's new AqualiaThe
rmal moisturizer. No purchase necessary!

2) If you haven't already done so, run to the Sears nearest you in hopes of scoring some Dior products for 20%off. Dior is pulling their products out of Sears, so everything from skincare, makeup to fragrances is ALL ON SALE! I know the Eaton Centre counter has already closed though.

...that's it for now. I just don't have the time nor energy to keep scouring the web/flyers anymore for good deals. *sigh* You can't win 'em all.

On a happier note...I went on a little shopping spree in the U.S. during the I'm already excited to share my buys! (All fantastic deals of course!) However, I need to photograph that won't come until later.

Are YOU excited? (probably not...*giggles and runs off*