Saturday, March 3, 2007

Urban Outfitters Sale Slashed to Additional 75% Off

This might be old news to some, but the Canadian UO stores are having an additional 75% off all sale items. The stock is mediocre but they do add new stock to the sale racks. Most of the good stuff is probably gone from the previous additional 50% off sale, but this is a good time to stock up on basics such as tees, tank tops, leggings and jeans. I bought 2 tops, one for $7.50 and the other for $11.50. I heard that there were Miss Sixty jeans for $39.99, Keds and Converse shoes for $10 (not in the Toronto location). Most small sizes are gone, but there are still some medium-larger sizes left. Call your local UO in advance to see if they are having the sale in your area though before you run out the door.


adelaide said...

I'm glad I finally found a blog about Toronto! Especially about sale.. my favourite topic..
Anyways, I did see Keds, Converse and BC for $10 but I bought the BC shoes instead cause the other ones did not have good selection.. Anyways the sale is over now so it is a bit misleading to post about it..
Thanks though!

Coupon codes said...

Good offer by urban outfitters.