Thursday, March 8, 2007

Exercise without Exercising

I used to be quite athletic.....back in elementary school that is. I was on the relay team, track and field team, and I loved hockey. I even got good grades in Phys.Ed! Unfortunately, halfway through high school marked the end of my 'regular' fitness regime.

I wouldn't say that I HATE exercising....but I'm just not doing it very regularly anymore. I bought some Windsor Pilates DVDs..but that got boring real quick. I have a treadmill and bike at home, but it's really there just for show. Let's just say...I don't like exercising in a confined space (i.e. gym, at home).

Then I read 'French Women Don't Get Fat' and it inspired me. Guiliano says that the French also don't enjoy working out in the gym, so how do the ladies stay so slim? Surely, besides eating well, some type of physical movement is necessary. Well, the French simply WALK. Being outdoors, people watching and sniffing the flowers makes the environment much more interesting than seeing a group of people, clad in spandex, sweating on the treadmill.

Ok, so maybe walking won't exactly let you lose those 10 lbs. in a week, but if you're like me, simply wanting to stay fit for health purposes (and less for trying to lose weight), walking works. I try to walk to school now instead of taking transit, and it doesn't feel like I'm 'exercising', yet I feel so good knowing that I walked for 30 minutes and I feel even better when I break out in sweat. Guiliano even suggests that you can try finding different routes to reach your destination (to make things more interesting). I think that's a fabulous idea, just imagine what you might be able to discover by taking new routes!

If you don't like to go to the 'gym' like me but want to stay fit, try walking. You'll be surprised at the physical and mental gratification you can get. Besides, who knows what goodies or deals you may end up finding while 'exercising'?

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adelaide said...

I think walking is why asians tend to have high metabolism in asia.. however, i doubt i can bear to walk to school in the snow! then, in the summer it is way to hot to walk... (or maybe i am just making excuses for myself?)
anyways here is the info for the lacoste (shoes) + diesel sale: March 21 - 24 (10am to 9 pm(wed-fri, 8pm sat) at
The Metroploitan Centre - St Nicholas Church, 3840 Finch Ave E at Kennedy rd. VIP sale on tuesday march 20th
nope, i dont think i'm going to the brunch.. hope you have fun though!

gsquared said...

thanks for the info:) however, i doubt that i'll be going. I heard the lines are really long. I did want to get a pair of lacoste shoes last yr..but i have too many shoes~_~ let me know how the sale is when you go :D