Monday, March 5, 2007

Toronto Fashion Bloggers Brunch: March 25, 2007

The poster says it all. I'm excited to take part in the TFBB this month. The lovely Anita from I want-I got kindly invited me while I was "promoting" my blog (lol). I don't personally know anyone going to this event, but that makes me more excited about it. I'm actually a shy girl (no, really)... so Toronto readers and bloggers out there, come brave it with me and join this event. I think it'll be great to make new friends and see fellow bloggers and readers in person. Besides, isn't brunch at the uber-cool Drake hotel already a good enough reason to join?

More details from Adrian at


Erika said...

Oh! This sounds like fun... Wish I was in Toronto :)

gsquared said...

Erika, maybe when you visit Toronto, there will be a brunch :D They're held monthly anyways. I think I rmb you saying that you visit Vancouver often on your blog.

Henna said...

I'll be there! Thanks for letting me know about it!