Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Bargain Buys: Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Ball Print Cami

I picked up this adorable MJ camisole at Holt Renfrew Last Call for an additional 90% off the already reduced price! I forgot the final price, but thank goodness for the reduction from $325...which is absolutely ridiculous for a cotton camisole that was made in Sri Lanka.
I couldn't figure out the straps for the longest time...but if you can see in the last pic, I somehow made it into criss cross straps after playing around with it.
I bought this awhile ago, so you probably won't be able to find it anymore, but Holt's last call store is always overstocked with clothing, shoes, lingerie and accessories from past seasons at heavily discounted prices. Actually, most of the time I find the stock there hideous. It's messy, some clothes are old and damaged.....I almost gave up shopping there because 85% of the time, I never find anything. Even Winners is neat compared to it! Fortunately, the past few times I went, I was able to pick up something, so don't give up! Like vintage shops, last call is always hit-or-miss. If you have time, scrounge around and maybe you'll find some good quality items at ridiculous prices! At least you'll have the confidence that Holt's won't be selling you inauthentic goods!

1 Bass Pro Mills Drive
Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4
(905) 886-7444

393 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6
(204) 942-7321

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adelaide said...

wow.. i always thought that the last call place was a waste of time cause i could never find things i like that are actually in my size.. but after seeing your find, i have an urge to go to vaughn mills!