Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gotta Love Free Food

Free cosmetics are always nice...but equally nice is free food (to me at least...i loveeeee to eat)! The great thing about downtown (besides shopping, food, entertainment, people watching...etc.) is that companies always do promotions and give away freebies for you to remember them. I've gotten countless coupons, 'VIP' discount cards and pens in past years, but this year...or school year rather, I realized I've been getting lots of free snacks. Take today for example, I received the cute banana candies at St. George station from some Telus promoters (the monkey gives it aways anyways). I also got a small pack of fresh popcorn at Union Station today. I was definitely satiated! A month or two ago, I remember getting free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at Union Station again...we're talking full size here!
The best part? These kinda freebies waste no time at all (unlike cosmetics where you have to get a consultation/makeover and then possibly purchase something and end up spending more). Now THIS is a real freebie!

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