Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spa Week For Everyone: April 16-22

I haven't blogged in too long. Not such a good way to start off my blog...but school's been busy and I haven't been out much.

Anyways...back to topic. I realize my posts have been more beauty related and localized to Canadians. Well, this one is for the Americans as well...but still beauty related.

The spa week event is where Americans (and Torontonians) get to try out a spa treatment for only $50 as opposed to $100-$200+. Go to the spa week site. for details. Sign up, and you'll get to view which spas in your area are part of the event. I guess you call to book and get to spa for $50 if you ask them about spa week.

I personally have never joined this event before.. but if anyone is into facials, massages and stuff..I guess this is a way to get your usual for a low price. It's also a good ways for those who want to try a new spa place before shelling out hundreds of dollars.

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