Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pupa Cosmetics

I first learned about this brand 7 years ago, when I took a tour around Europe during my high school summer. I was in Italy, at some random shop...when I saw this cute doll like figure that opened up to several palettes of make up. Unfortunately, the one I wanted (an angel that opened up similar to the one below) was the last one and on display...so I sadly left it.
I encountered this brand recently.. (well, about a year ago) at Shoppers Drug Mart! Gotta love their new "Beauty Boutique". I love Sephora...but it's always nice to help out our local stores (Sephora is owned by LVHM...as if they're not rich enough already :P). Besides, shopping at SDM means Optimum points AND gift with purchases (which you NEVER get at Sephora).
What I love about this brand is their adorable and playful packaging. Their palette sets are especially memorable. From dolls that open up to palettes in the shape of ice cream cones and animals, Pupa cosmetics makes an awesome gift for a friend or yourself. The price is reasonable too! I mean, something that's from Milan, Italy, ALWAYS looks good as a gift.
Their body care line, Miss Milkie is absolutely amazing! It smells great since it comes in scents like vanilla, white chocolate, candy floss, sweet almond or mint and is super hydrating. The little cow on the packaging is cute too!

Canadians, check it out at SDM or Sophie Cosmetics (Times Square Richmond Hill). You'll probably be more comfortable testing and playing with the items at SDM though since service at Sophie...fluctuates...depending on the SA.
International: you can purchase online at strawberrynet.com, though the selection is rather limited.

I can't wait to try more products from the Pupa line!

For more info, check ou the Pupa website.

picture credits: Pupa, http://www.scentsationsoftroon.co.uk, strawberrynet.com


shopdiary said...

yes, pupa's packaging is cute. i had one makeup compact many years ago. so i'm not familiar with their current products.

Sophia said...

hey the look almost good enough to eat mwahaha!

hey regarding your comment, i personally favor French Sole... but i guess im biased since i always think French Sole makes the most classic ballet flats. both Landmark and On Pedder here stock Repetto. while they look decent enough, i somehow just dont think they're the same as French Sole LOL.

i heard Tory Burch flats are like THE MOST comfy flats on earth. i cant find a retailer selling Tory Burch here so i dont really have much to say.. guess i'll still stick to french sole! :P

Mike said...

I'm sorry about the fluctuating service at Sophie's. We're trying to remedy it but we have a hard time finding stable/good staff on that side of the store. Of course at the same time I hope it wasn't me who gave you a bad impression of our store in which case I apologize again.
Also, the White chocolate smells great until you put it on. That's why we stopped stocking it for the most part.
Stop by the store and ask for me if you want to talk about products, I'm pretty much there everyday now.See ya!

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