Sunday, May 20, 2007

2 Deluxe Samples at Sears Clinique (with Jockey purchase?) until June 1

Wow. Clinique just keeps on giving freebies and GWP's don't they. Very generous! Unfortunately for me, I'm overstocked with both skincare AND makeup. Don't need any more...even if it's free. Don't feel like taking the time to go to the counter, getting a consultation, all that just for a freebie either.

Also, apparently there was also a freebie bag from Estee Lauder@ the Bay where you get samples of skincare in a cute little bag. That was about a week ago or so. If you're at the Bay, check it out to see if there's any left :) I heard it was a good one...but again, no time to check it out.

Oh, and Happy Victoria Day Canadians!

Enjoy the day off tomorrow...and enjoy your freebies if you manage to get 'em. :)

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