Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Gap x Rodarte Bow Top

Ok...everybody knows that the designer collaboration ( Doori, Thakoon, Rodarte) with Gap has been out for awhile. In fact, most places around the world (or is it the States only?) sold out when it first hit the shelves.

Anyways...I never really bothered looking cos:

1) I didn't know Canada would carry it
2) I don't know if it's worth it to purchase such an expensive cotton top because it's only a COLLABORATION, not the ACTUAL designer piece
3) Tons of people will flock out and purchase these tops/dresses...which means that it's not that unique anymore
4) Gap material is only it worth it to splurge on nice design, not so nice quality?

I called today, and one location still has one that MIGHT fit me...

So my question is: Should I buy it? It's $88 CAD..for a tank top...albeit a nice tank top. For those who bought it, anyone know how the sizing is? the quality of the top? is it worth the splurge?

*sigh* I need a (office) job. Would anyone like to hire me?


Sophia said...

is it the top you wanna get? its SOOOOO gorgeous! i SO would have got it if i were you... but then i have a full-time job.. hmm... $88 is a bit steep considering its only GAP... well, sleep on it and see if you still want it after a day or so! :)

Anonymous said...

hey there!
i was searching for another top from rodarte by gap that is impossible to find, and i stumbled across your post....the top i want isnt the same one you want...but good news for you, i was on ebay searching for mine and stumbled across the bow top you want:

and its basically half price there!
i dont know if this is too late since you made your post on may 2nd, but if you still want it and havent purchased it already...there you have it!