Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Underrated Beauty: Camilla Belle

Fashion/Style icons typically revolve around celebrities. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot are classic icons. Nowadays, it's kinda hard to find a modern style icon since very few celebrities don't use a stylist. However, one young, striking beauty gets two thumbs up for NOT using a stylist, but still looking gorgeous at most, if not all events.

Camilla Belle. Most might know her from the thriller "When a Stranger Calls". Others might recognize her from the Miu Miu ads she did with Kim Basinger or the Vera Wang Princess ads. She's been in a lot of movies in her younger days (but I didn't know her then :P). She knows what she looks good in whether it is something young and colourful, graceful & ladylike, or chic & sophisticated. I love how she can look both young and fresh and mature depending on the event. Her thick eyebrows give her character and set her apart from all the other blue eyed blondes in Hollywood.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this silver dress is by Fendi, as I remember seeing ads of it. I was not impressed by the model wearing it in the ad...but Camilla makes it look so 'cool' here. It's futuristic, yet glam at the same time!
This bright blue Oscar de la Renta dress with pockets is fitting for both her age and a daytime event. The silver Miu Miu shoes were kinda unexpected to go with a dress like this, but together, it looks fabulous.Here she is in another Oscar de la Renta dress. It's kinda cutesy but she looks great in it. I think dark haired girls look beautiful in red. Hilary Swank is also seen wearing this dress on the cover of an issue of In Style magazine this year. However, I think Camilla pulls it off better :)

The dress she wore at The Costume Institute Gala this year has been a hit or miss according to different people. The dress is Gaultier Paris Haute Couture. It's very goddess like IMO. It's actually quite refreshing to see someone who's actually covered up! Finally, a dress that's not strapless, halter, spaghetti strap, plunging neckline or backless. It's not my favourite, but I do like the unique factor of it.
Slightly more casual as this was taken at a Club Monaco event. The jacket is so elegant! I love how she makes the simplest pieces look so good.Something a bit different from all those gowns/cocktail dresses. I think this dress is by Chloe and the shoes are Prada.

It's too bad there aren't many candid photos of her as I'd love to see how her 'casual' style is. I definitely think she dresses in a unique and classy way, based on her fashion choices on the red carpet, fashion show and events unlike *cough* LiLo *cough*. That, or it could be her striking features or her long and lean figure.

Either way, this is a young Hollywood star that I feel has been underrated in terms of her striking looks and fashion sense. What do you think of Camilla Belle's style? What other celebrity do you feel has been underrated in terms of style & beauty?

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Sophia said...

she is really, really pretty!!! she just glows... in all the pics! :)

and most importantly, she has class ;)

Sophia xx