Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring/Summer Cheap Thrills

Over the past few weeks...I've shopped around and picked things up 'accidently'. I have had no intention of buying anything in particular for the past 2 months...but unfortunately(?), that's when I buy the most -_-. I used to hate H&M. When it first opened in Toronto., I would keep going in, hopint to find something, but I would never find anything I liked. I didn't find the prices all that cheap either....but looks like I changed my mind this past year. (please don't mind the random stuff in my room shown in the pics :P).
Picked up this coral empire waisted v-neck jersey dress today @ H&M. The print looks like some splattered ink dots on a coral background. On the TLC show 'What Not To Wear', coral is said to be one of the most universally flattering colours. It looks good on ANY skintone. I don't own anything this might be a good start. The empire waist is flattering for shorties like me, the knee length is great for petites (me again) and the straps are JUST thick enough to cover bra straps. SCORE at $16.90 CAD!
On my last day of classes, I took a trip down to Eaton Centre to pick up a freebie and to check out Sephora. I ended up at Urban Outfitters instead when I saw the additional 50% off sign. Not as good as March's end of season additional 75% sale...but still good. Got this sheer, floaty sleeved top for $17. I've been trying to change my wardrobe the past 2 years with a focus on more feminine tops to pair with my love of casual denim and trouser shorts. A great, colourful addition to my wardrobe since I mainly wear neutrals.
Picked this blush jersey top with black sash at H&M also. Regular price at $24.90...usually I don't buy regular priced stuff...but I just loved the length of the top, the pleats, and the slightly square neckline. The jersey material is super sheer, but comfortable. I actually hate the colour pink....but since this is so light, I'll consider it neutral XD.
My aunt bought this for me from Korea or HK...I forgot. The nude colour is nice, so are the lace accents...very romantic. However, this isn't quite my style (frilly, girly, ultra fem/cute). The bottom layers of the skirt part aren't exactly the most flattering for my problem area (thighs) either. I like it..and I do want to wear it...Anyone have any suggestions to make it look more flattering or 'cool'?
Finally...SHOE SHOPPING! One of my favourite things to do. Like my wardrobe, I've also been working on changing my shoe collection for the past few years...less sneakers and more heels and ballet flats. Picked up this pair of Louboutin-esque Aldo blue patent leather platforms for $25. Haven't worn them yet...I'm scared I won't be able to walk in them. I don't think I'll wear em much...but for $25, I'll give them a try. Just bought these 2 weeks ago and have worn them like mad! Red leather flats for $20. They also had gold...and I was so tempted to get them too, but I've always wanted a pair of red flats. I also wanted to see how comfy these were before I picked up 2 pairs. I love them! Still trying to break into them, but they're a lot more comfy than the silver ballet flats I got at Aritzia (which look exactly the same except for the bottom).

All that for just a little over $100 (minus the lace dress and tax). :D

What cheap thrills have you encountered lately?

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Sophia said...

omg your Urban Outfitters top looks just like the H&M top i bought yesterday!!! only yours is so much more colorful than mine! i love your top so much better!!! i was trying to look for the H&M top in other (ie. more summery and brighter) colors at the store yesterday but they only had it in black and white. bah. anyways, you lucky lucky thing! :P