Wednesday, May 9, 2007

School's Out! :D

I finished my FINAL exam early this morning, and to celebrate, I did a bit of shopping (again...cos this IS "Keep on Shopping")!

Purchased this soft sea green cotton Juicy Couture baby doll cami at 75% off. I promise you I'm not a fan of juicy...(I admit I have one of their 'signature' hoodies)...but some of their stuff that doesn't have a huge "JUICY" emblazoned on it look quite nice. I found the neckline quite flattering. The double spaghetti straps make this cami a bit more special than a regular high street store one.

Here is the back view where you see the typical elastic backing that many Juicy shirts have. I do like the pleated effect at the back though.

I adore Mike&Chris stuff for simple reasons. I love wearing plain tees, tanks, zip ups and jeans...but it tends to get a bit boring. THIS though, is casualwear with a twist! I already own a cropped hoodie from Mike&Chris, and adding to my collection is this Cody vest in dark, forest green. I dunno why it looks black in the pic...but for 80% off, it's cheaper than buying through online stores! It's still kinda hard to justify paying $200+ for this....but I won't complain when it's on sale.
Yes...this is a plain ol' wifebeater tank in plain ol' gray. This is a staple in my closet though. I own these tanks in different colours, patterns and brands. They're great to wear under (cardigan/jacket), over (tee or dress shirt), AND out (just by itself). You can even layer them..but I'm sure you all know that. Anyways I usually buy the high street store ones (Old Navy, Zara, TNA, Club Monaco etc.) but I've picked up 2 James Perse tanks in the past 2 months. A neon green one (perfect for summer) and this basic neutral one, both at 75% off.
Alright, I know what you fashionistas are thinking. Yes, this is an AE polo. It fits great and the bright orange is unique. I don't see many people in ORANGE these days. Beats me why all the previous AE customers have gone over to Hollister and Abercrombie...they're all the same to me. In fact, AE is cheaper AND you can actually see what you're buying because they turn on the lights! Maybe I'm just biased though cos I was an AE fan in high school ( I don't wear head to toe I never looked like a beachy kid). Anyways, I should stop talking because I do have a hollister sweater and an A&F tshirt :P Not that I'm a fan...but they were on sale and gd basics y'know? =_=
Isn't he adorable? He was all alone and surrounded by 20 Chicken Littles, 1 Flounder, and a bunch of Cinderella mice. He was only $2.99, but I would've adopted him either way XD (This is Roo from Winnie the Pooh btw...).

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