Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm back! hopefully for longer this time...

After disappearing for a few months....I have decided to start this again. I don't even think people check this blog anymore:P but then..i suppose it's not that old of a blog either. Lots of personal things happened, and blogging just wasn't my priority. I hate to say that I prefer to read rather than write..it gets rather stressful at times as I feel obligated to post regularly. Doesn't help that my computer was down and taken to fix..for....a long while. I survived w/o internet at home..and only managed to sneak onto it at work (which we aren't allowed to do...eek!)

To any readers out there though...I'm VERY SORRY. Hopefully that won't happen again, or at least I'll leave a notice before I'm MIA.

Anyways, since the the purpose of me blogging is to keep a record of my buys/wants and to provide any lovely readers w/ a good deal...this post will not be without either one of them!

1) Go to the beauty counter at your local SDM (Shopper's Drug Mart) to receive a generous 5ml sample of Vichy's new AqualiaThe
rmal moisturizer. No purchase necessary!

2) If you haven't already done so, run to the Sears nearest you in hopes of scoring some Dior products for 20%off. Dior is pulling their products out of Sears, so everything from skincare, makeup to fragrances is ALL ON SALE! I know the Eaton Centre counter has already closed though.

...that's it for now. I just don't have the time nor energy to keep scouring the web/flyers anymore for good deals. *sigh* You can't win 'em all.

On a happier note...I went on a little shopping spree in the U.S. during the summer...so I'm already excited to share my buys! (All fantastic deals of course!) However, I need to photograph them...so that won't come until later.

Are YOU excited? (probably not...*giggles and runs off*

Source: http://sklep.apteka-cito.pl


adelaide said...

welcome back! hope you are doing better! yea, i prefer reading, thats why i dont have a blog hahah..

gsquared said...

thanks adelaide, glad that you're back too :) I guess this blog will just be for me to share any deals/promotions...but now that I'm more busy, I don't think I will be as excited to go all over the place to save a few bucks here and there lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so happy to see that you are back!

I was upset your page was left in the dust long before I discovered it!

Now seeing as you are back, I'm so excited to see a Toronto-based blog talking about make up and fashion deals! It's really hard for me to find a blog that isn't American-based with American-only stores and American prices!

gsquared said...

^ i'm glad to be back too! I hope I can keep up with the sales and such though...I'll try to keep you guys posted on whatever deals I come across.

I'm pleasantly surprised that I have people who read my blog! :) I know I don't write much and sometimes the entries are rushed...but thanks for the support! *hugs*