Monday, October 8, 2007

More budget make-up sets from Sephora...

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! I already had my share of turkey w/ stuffing and gravy last night and woke up with looking a bit pudgy -_-. Anyhow, thinking about clothing just isn't fun when I can barely squeeze myself into my favourite pair of straight legged Miss Sixty's so...I decided to browse through makeup instead.

As you may recall, I love purchasing makeup sets because of the trial sized products (often best sellers) and the appealing price tag it comes with. Being a product junkie, I won't feel guilty about spending less while wasting less product when I toss it aside. Being in Canada, we don't have a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) like the States does and warehouse sales are rare or packed.

Here are some of the sets I want to pick up:

1. Smashbox "Try Me" Set (pictured above) includes the famous primer, clear lipgloss, undereye brightener, palette containing the brow tech shades/wax, cream eyeliner, brush and instructional dvd. It's listed as $29 I assume it would be around $35 or less in Canada. However, I didn't see it in store yet.

2. Urban Decay-Best Of Urban: Midnight Cowboy Rides Again set
This is one set I'm getting for sure! I've always wanted to try the Primer Potion and glittery liquid eyeliner! The brown pencil with gold sparkles and shimmery gold eyeshadow is perfect for any skintone! $38 CAD at Sephora.
3. Shu Uemura Perfect Eye Set contains the famous Shu curler, Precise Volume mascara and an eyeliner pencil. The Shu curler is the newly redesigned one (not quite sure of the difference) and I absolutely love their mascara, even though it's a bit pricy. It's $59 USD...hopefully they'll carry this in Canada too.4. Tarte-We Wish You Health Skininvigorating Discovery Kit
This is marked as $38 USD and contains the Clean Slate primer, Lock and Roll creasless eyeshadows w/ Vit. E, an Inside Out Gloss (totally want to try this as it contains Borba vitamins...but does that mean I'm supposed to lick my lips when I have it on?) and the well known Light, Camera, Lashes mascara. Too bad it doesn't contain a mini cheekstain, that would be the perfect addition to this set.


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