Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forever21 Canada Deals Forever21 opened in Toronto awhile ago...I'm sure most of you know that.

They also have the "Uptown Dress" as their "Brilliant Buys" for $15.50 CAD. Ok.. GREAT DEAL! YES!...I thought it was just an online exclusive thing (yes..I know that was not stated on the site...i ASSUMED which means I made an as-...never mind...). It's NOT!. They actually have this deal in stores. Unfortunately, this notice is a bit late as all the colours and sizes are picked over.

I think they only have black left..and no more smalls..but otherwise, they still had a big rack of these left.

SO hurry up and snatch one!...or you can wait until the next bargain buy and be assured that they'll have it in store. (Cos I hate buying online..don't know about you.)

Also, for those who DO like online shopping. Take advantage of their 20% off with $50+ purchase promo for the new opening of the Canadian online store. With shipping comes to be about the same as buying it in store...but at least you'll get your size and colour. (No coupon code required, once you hit over $50, the discount will apply).

Forever 21 Canada site


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