Wednesday, October 10, 2007 & 10% OFF!

Ok..enough of Sephora. We all go there and we love the selection they give us. However, there are many other sites and boutiques that carry brands we love with great promotions and offers!

One of these is Besides this site, they also have a boutique spa store, which means that they sell lots of products that may only be found in dermatologist offices and spas. They also carry the the whole lot of skincare, makeup, bath and body goodies, fragrances, tools/accessories and mmmmm...scented candles!

I especially love the fact that they stock a lot of quality brands that you can't find elsewhere like Lippmann nailpolish, favourites like L'Occitane, Dermalogica, Sothy's...and lots of other indie brands that I've never heard of...but am looking forward to try.

Of course...being the deal hunter that I am, freebies and promotions are a MUST to attract me to buy something. Beautybridge has just that. FREE U.S. ground shipping w/ any order! (that's minimum purchase required!). Canadian shipping starts at $6.95...not bad huh? They also offer free samples when you make a purchase and have a regular promotions section and weekly offers section to scoop out on deals.

New customers also get 5% off their first order which is fantastic...but.....

since I love my readers and the people at beautybridge are can now get 10% OFF for the rest of the month (October) with the coupon code save10. This is not promoted on the consider yourself special :)

Happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

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