Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween? this post is not related to fashion or deals or anything of the like. My family hasn't passed out candy in a few I decided to be nice and give out some candy this year! However, since I wasn't home, I put some candies in a jack-o-lantern plastic bucket (remember the one from McDonald's?) and put it outside on the window ledge so people can take some. I trust that humans are good and so left it there happily this morning.

When I came back just now, not only did all the candy disappear (which is a good thing), but MY PRECIOUS PUMPKIN BUCKET is gone too!. Ahhhh I should've known not to put something so cute outside...but I didn't believe how GREEDY people could be. I'm already giving you free candy and you take my bucket too?!?! My parents actually did this before when I was little...and we even got candy in return! Fast forward 10 year later to 2007....they take everything.

GAH! Kids these days just aren't like what they used to be.

Ok..rant over.

Hope you all had a fun halloween! I saw some pretty funky costumes today (Sailor, Clown...Cow..hahaha)!

Moral of the story: Short and simple. Please don't be greedy :)

Pic from x-entertainment (it's not x-rated....i googled mcdonalds pail to land there).

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