Monday, April 16, 2007

Coveting my first Tiffany piece

I've been hoping to break away from only posting about local (Toronto/Canadian) deals/freebies....though who doesn't love a good bargain? Here's another shot at targeting more personal shopping dilemmas: picking out a piece of Tiffany jewellery for myself.

I'll admit it...Tiffany's is a classic, and has been all the rage years ago when I first learned about the brand...yet I don't own a piece of this classic. Mind you, I'll emphasize the fact that I'm a non-working student...and one who much prefers to purchase something on sale. Unfortunately, classics don't go on sale. Take Louis Vuitton, Chanel...and of course, Tiffany & Co. My budget is I'm gonna stick to good ol' 925 silver pieces.These 1837 circle earrings are so cute! They look like buttons. I know they have the big logo...but it's kinda subtle since they're tiny earrings. I don't change my earrings I think I'll get great use out of them..thus making the $190 CAD price tag more worth it.I've always liked the Atlas's a Tiffany classic, without flashing the words "Tiffany". Most of the accessories from the Atlas line are more expensive...but this roman numeral covered die is whimsical yet elegant. The $190 CAD price tag doesn't hurt my wallet either.The Return to Tiffany line has been one of the most popular lines among young people. Could it be the clear display of the name? The low price tag? Who knows? It's classic though (despite the many knockoffs found online and in HK). Again..I don't mind the 'brand' being displayed so much...who's gonna look at my ears anyways? Especially when it's not those big, dangly earrings. $160 CAD.Again, the ever popular "Return to Tifffany" heart tag necklace. I prefer the heart over the oval and circle...cos those are just TOO tag like...I also like the pendant more than the thick chained version of the necklace that most ppl seem to have (on their necks and wrists)...that version looks tag like IMO. No offense to me, this one is just daintier and more lady-like. Nicely priced at just $125 CAD.The ever popular non-logo design: Elsa Peretti's Open heart has been seen on everyone's necks. It's simple and classy. I love her fluid design....but I've seen tons of similar earrings like these for a fraction of the price. Is it worth the $195 CAD splurge?Elsa Peretti "Bean" pendant: I've always been interested in this piece. I'm not sure why..but I find it so funny! Something as ridiculous (well...random) as a bean being made into such a fluid and elegant design. I like it though! It's something I would like to own one day...but if I could only own ONE piece of Tiffany...I'm not sure if I'll want it to be a bean. It's different...and though subtle, it'll still make a great conversation starter.
$185 for the small; $220 for medium (shown)

Paloma Picasso Loving Heart pendant. Picasso's "X" logo is strategically incorporated into the heart shape. I like it when logos are are subtly linked into another image/design. I dunno...I don't like IN YOUR FACE logos...but unless the design is really superb...I don't see the point of spending a lot on something that's simple (like a good ol' heart, teardrop, etc.) that doesn't have a logo.
$190 small pendant (shown).

Finally...this one is totally out of my budget...but it's so pretty!
Star Lariat necklace: I love the design! This one doesn't have any jewels/diamonds so you can get it for $285. It'll look so nice with a pretty, plain coloured top/dress so that the necklace can take the spotlight! I don't think I'll have much chance to wear I dress very casually on a day to day basis. There's also a heart version...but that's too cutesy/girly for me. I'd definitely get this though when I have the $ or when I have enough events that allow me dress up. I'm rational enough to not let my senses take over me....which is important for any fashionista on a budget.

I know I like too many things...but there you have it. My long list of wants. Which one should I go for? Help me choose a piece from above, or recommend another piece of jewellery. I'm very open to suggestions. I'm not sure whether I want a pendant or if you want to, help me pick one of each. XD

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Sophia said...

i have the open heart earrings. i dont wear them now but i still keep them cos every girl needs some tiffany's LOL. i think the bean one is so cute too!

btw actually chanel and fendi do go on sales. they just wont tell you unless you shop there often. at least thats the case in sydney. but of course, chanel 2.55 is not among the sales item mwahaha!

G said...

^^ Yea, I heard Chanels do go on sale..but rarely..and they don't drop the price much. Usually, they just mark down the seasonal pieces..but I think if i'm gonna splurge, i would like something that's classic and would stand the test of time. :)

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