Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birkins, Speedys, and Caviar leathers fear no more!

I was quite excited to receive this pursehook made by My Tagalongs.

I don't usually keep my bags on the icky floor anyways, but it is always uncomfortable to place your bag on the back of your chair and be forced to sit on only half of the seat. When space is limited, your baby is not always able to have its own chair, especially at tables for two.

You don't have to own a designer bag to justify the use of a purse hook...we all want to protect our precious bags! I cherish my Damier Speedy 30 as much as my purple lambskin satchel by Danier (a Canadian leather company), even though it is a fraction of the price. Actually, I am more afraid of damaging the delicate lambskin of the Danier than getting the coated canvas of the Speedy dirty, as it can easily be wiped off. Anyone living in a climate of snow, rain and ice will probably need this even more. Can you imagine placing your bag on a bed of wet, melting snow and salt and getting waterstains on your leather? *shudders*

Visit MyTagalong's website for more details. They also offer a variety of funky stuff made for ladies, such as the Emergency Valet, Little Black Dis-tress kit, and the Contented Purse.

Canadians, you can purchase the pursehook in the handbag section of The Bay for $15.

Thanks to Ashworth & Associates for sending me the pursehook!

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