Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's see what shoesies I've acquired in the past few months..

Hello hello. It's been eons since I last blogged. Work is busy blah blah blah. I hate my job, but I'm lucky to have one blah blah blah.

The important thing is yay, updates! You all know what my favourite things are. Shoes! So moving along.

Salvatore Ferragamo Granny shoes! Loafers that are cut low...so they're kinda a cross between loafers and ballet flats. These were gonna be my work shoes. My goodness, they are just so comfortable.
The difference between part time work and f/t is that you really become tired for f/t. You put less effort and strive for comfort. They look less granny on the feet..regardless, I think I'll be passing these onto my mom.

The 'new(er)' Converse. Jack Purcells in dark silver. I've been searching for a pair of these babies in this colour forever. I searched high and low on Sneaker street in MK with no luck. I found these 2 days before I left HK, and they were 50% off at a shop on Grandville road in TST!

I'm a hypocrite. I never bought into the high-heeled oxford trend. I'm still not 100% on them, but the chunky heel and the bootie shape was perfect for all my wide legged dress pants throughout winter.

I'm in love with the Pedro Garica ones...but had to settle with these knockoffs . Now this is jewellery for your feet! Strings of pearls and rhinestones make this a real attention getter. 'Blair' isn't really my style....but the girly girl in me couldn't resist.

Of course, I save the best for last! My first pair of Choos :) The perfect non-boring work shoe! The pointy toe, the heel height, and the neutral colour screams 'career'...but the d'orsay cut and the cutout detail make this a little more interesting. And yes, those are the airplus gel steppies in there.

I just signed up for twitter! I'll prob tweet more than I blog, so you can follow me at keeponshopping


Black Patent Stilettos said...

those are beautiful jimmy choos

gsquared said...

thank you:) I was debating between buying these or a gorgeous pair of silver roger vivier peeptoes...but decided that these were more practical (both wear and price).

david said...

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